Chuck Powers



Screen Name:Chuck POWERS
Type: Person
Gender: Male

Birth Place: USA

He is the co-founder of Creative Fuzion, with Taaz Gill
Works on many English dub version of Singapore anime series.

Voice Acting Roles:

Arai-sanMistin 3rd Season TV, 2003Supporting
Boushi-otokoMistin 3rd Season TV, 2003Supporting
Brad BitouShutsugeki! Machine Robo Rescue TV, 2003Supporting
BuchiOne Piece TV, 1999Supporting
Chuta KogureSuper Speed Spinner TV, 1998Supporting
CornMistin 3rd Season TV, 2003Supporting
FuujinMistin 3rd Season TV, 2003Supporting
GilmonDigimon Tamers TV, 2001Main
Gorou MIZUNODigimon Tamers TV, 2001Supporting
Jenrya LEEDigimon Tamers TV, 2001Main
Juracule MIHAWKOne Piece TV, 1999Supporting
Kenta KITAGAWADigimon Tamers TV, 2001Supporting
Kirihiko KirinoMistin 3rd Season TV, 2003Supporting
LeomonDigimon Tamers TV, 2001Supporting
MerryOne Piece TV, 1999Supporting
Mister 11One Piece TV, 1999Supporting
Mitsuo YAMAKIDigimon Tamers TV, 2001Supporting
Monkey D. LuffyOne Piece TV, 1999Main
Mr. 5One Piece TV, 1999Supporting
NarratorDigimon Tamers TV, 2001Supporting
Ryou BAKURAYu-Gi-Oh! TV, 2000Supporting
Seiya YaboshiUFO Baby TV, 2000Supporting
Shikao TsuchimikadoMistin 3rd Season TV, 2003Supporting
Shou AshikawaShutsugeki! Machine Robo Rescue TV, 2003Main
Shunichi DomotoSuper Speed Spinner TV, 1998Main
Sugoroku MOUTOYu-Gi-Oh! TV, 2000Supporting
Susumu UtadaShutsugeki! Machine Robo Rescue TV, 2003Main
Takehiro MATSUDADigimon Tamers TV, 2001Supporting
Tsuyoshi UtadaShutsugeki! Machine Robo Rescue TV, 2003Main
UsoppOne Piece TV, 1999Main
Yami no BakuraYu-Gi-Oh! TV, 2000Main
Yami YuugiYu-Gi-Oh! TV, 2000Main
Yuugi MUTOUYu-Gi-Oh! TV, 2000Main