Erin Fitzgerald



Screen Name:Erin FITZGERALD
Type: Person
Gender: Female
Birthday: Sep 21, 1977

Erin Fitzgerald (born September 21, 1977; Victoria, British Columbia) is a Canadian voice actress. She is currently living in Los Angeles, California.

She is always recording new shows and games but also performs with the Comedy Troupe "Fake Radio" They perform old 1940s movies and shows live on stage in authentic costumes with big name stars. Erin has been seen opposite Fred Willard, Debra Wilson, Lorraine Newman and the Kids in the Hall Kevin Macdonald and Dave Foley.

In her free time she has begun spending way too much time watching classic Kung Fu Movies and writing fan reviews and reading them on

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Voice Acting Roles:

Atora HanashimaKekkaishi TV, 2006Supporting
Black HeartHyperdimension Neptunia TV, 2013
CherrySaber Marionette J TV, 1996Main
Saber Marionette R OVA, 1995
Chie SATONAKAPersona 4: The Animation TV, 2011Main
Chiho HYUUGAK TV, 2012Supporting
Franceska Mila RoseBleach TV, 2004Supporting
Francoise ARNOUL009 Re:Cyborg Movie, 2012
GurenNaruto Shippuden TV, 2007Supporting
Hanako TANAKAZetman TV, 2012Main
Hiroko IIZUKASkip Beat! TV, 2008
Kaito SAMEJIMACross Fight B-Daman TV, 2011Main
Kakeru's MotherCross Fight B-Daman TV, 2011Supporting
Katen KyoukotsuBleach TV, 2004Supporting
Kodachi KUNOURanma 1/2 (Season 2+) TV, 1989Supporting
LuchsSaber Marionette J TV, 1996Main
Mila-RoseBleach TV, 2004
Mizuho AsanoBleach TV, 2004Supporting
Mozuku KUNATOKnights Of Sidonia TV, 2014Supporting
NoireHyperdimension Neptunia TV, 2013
QuarkKyokugen Dasshutsu Adv: Zennin Shibou Desu Prologue ONA, 2011Supporting
RamuaSailor Moon TV, 1992Supporting
Shouta ToyokawaBleach TV, 2004Supporting
Sougyo no KotowariBleach TV, 2004Supporting
Tsubasa YUUKIMazinkaizer SKL OVA, 2010Supporting
Yuuko-senseiBludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan OVA, 2005
AnnouncerKnights Of Sidonia TV, 2014
Asuka Fan 3Cross Fight B-Daman TV, 2011
Boy in ShortsPokémon Origins TV-Special, 2013
ControllerKnights Of Sidonia TV, 2014
Female SecretaryPokémon Origins TV-Special, 2013
Girl BPokémon Origins TV-Special, 2013
HildaCyborg 009 VS Devilman OVA, 2015
JulekaMiraculous Ladybug TV, 2015
Riki's MotherCross Fight B-Daman TV, 2011
SacchanCyborg 009 VS Devilman OVA, 2015
Scared WomanPokémon Origins TV-Special, 2013
TanabeBludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan OVA, 2007
Thug Girl ACyborg 009 VS Devilman OVA, 2015