Kirsten Potter



Screen Name:Kirsten POTTER
Alison JAMES
Type: Person
Gender: Female

Alias: Alison James

Voice Acting Roles:

BarbaraMonster TV, 2004
Chiharu ReichaBoys Be... TV, 2000Supporting
ElleGun X Sword TV, 2005
FuukoThe Sky Crawlers Movie, 2008Supporting
Harumi IKUHARADearS: Is It A Golden Ball? Bonus, 2005
DearS TV, 2004Supporting
KristevaErgo Proxy TV, 2006Supporting
Marik FILAThe Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye TV, 2006Supporting
MeiDaphne in the Brilliant Blue TV, 2004
Mitsue TAKAHASHIDaphne in the Brilliant Blue TV, 2004
NatsuhiNaruto TV, 2002
Princess ReginleifMÄR TV, 2005Supporting
Ran'TaoBleach TV, 2004Supporting
Rina MamiyaWhen They Cry TV, 2006Supporting
TamakorogashiMelody of Oblivion TV, 2004
WaitressMelody of Oblivion TV, 2004
ComputerIron Man TV, 2010
Guest 1Ergo Proxy TV, 2006
Hakan AkbalFlag Web, 2006
MariaIron Man TV, 2010
MotherNaruto Shippuden TV, 2007
NancyMad Bull 34 OVA, 1990
NerabuTweeny Witches TV, 2004