Marcelo Pissardini



Birthday: Sep 11, 1967

Brother of Adriana Pissardini

Voice Acting Roles:

Alexander ANDERSONHellsing TV, 2001Supporting
BeerusDragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Movie, 2013Main
BoraDragon Ball TV, 1986Supporting
Drake AndersonR.O.D: The TV TV, 2003Supporting
Francesco DI MEDICITrinity Blood TV, 2005Supporting
Franz VON STRESEMANNNodame Cantabile TV, 2007Supporting
GamakichiNaruto TV, 2002Supporting
HadesSaint Seiya: The Hades Chapter - Elysion OVA, 2008Supporting
Jyubei JIMUSHIBasilisk TV, 2005Supporting
KarinDragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge Movie, 1991Supporting
Mars009-1 TV, 2006Supporting
Masami EIRISerial Experiments Lain TV, 1998Supporting
MatorifDragon Quest: Adventure of Dai TV, 1991Supporting
NailDragon Ball Z Kai TV, 2009Supporting
NarratorDigimon Frontier TV, 2002Supporting
PaikuhanDragon Ball Z TV, 1989Supporting
Seiya URIBATAKEMartian Successor Nadesico TV, 1996Supporting
Shou TUCKERFullmetal Alchemist TV, 2003Supporting
Silva ZOLDYCKHunter X Hunter TV, 1999Supporting
Taxi DriverTokyo Godfathers Movie, 2003Supporting
Tomorou KamogawaTwin Spica TV, 2003Supporting