Melodee M. Spevack



Birthday: Oct 13, 1953

Melodee M. Spevack (born October 13, 1953 in Chicago, Illinois) is a voice actress and vice president of the Nevada-based Voxworks voice-acting corporation. She is also credited as Sonja S. Fox.

Voice Acting Roles:

BelHare + Guu TV, 2001Supporting
DebonairMagic Knight Rayearth II TV, 1995Supporting
Fat ChickenLast Exile TV, 2003Supporting
GyokuyoThe Twelve Kingdoms TV, 2002Supporting
Gyorai GirlBobobo-bo Bo-bobo TV, 2003Supporting
JokakuThe Twelve Kingdoms TV, 2002Supporting
Kamatari HONJORurouni Kenshin TV, 1996Supporting
Kamui.hack//Legend of the Twilight TV, 2003Supporting
LadyDevimonDigimon: Digital Monsters TV, 1999Supporting
Lana InesArgento Soma TV, 2000Supporting
Mikami KuramitsuTenchi Muyo! GXP TV, 2002Supporting
Miren HANAFUSASamurai: Hunt for the Sword OVA, 1999Supporting
Misae IKARIParanoia Agent TV, 2004Supporting
Nanto Saigo no ShouFist of the North Star: The Movie Movie, 1986Supporting
RapunzelMÄR TV, 2005Supporting
RibiThe Twelve Kingdoms TV, 2002Supporting
SoiFushigi Yûgi: The Mysterious Play TV, 1995Supporting
VTCowboy Bebop TV, 1998Supporting
Yukie TsukimoraNightWalker TV, 1998Supporting