Michelle Rojas



Screen Name:Michelle ROJAS
Type: Person
Gender: Female

Michelle was raised in "small town", Texas by her grandparents. In 6th grade, she begrudgingly joined band to avoid taking P.E. and was bitten by the art bug. Since then, she has performed on stage and in studio for music, film, commercials, and video games.

Her passion for sound has led her to expand her studies in audio engineering, working in post-production. She is a graduate of The University of North Texas and currently resides in Dallas, Texas.

Though usually found working on one thing or another, she does take time to indulge in her hobbies once in a blue moon. Hobbies include playing video games, watching anime, making pretty food, attempting to take photographs, and relaxing at the spa.

Voice Acting Roles:

AihaNoragami Aragoto TV, 2015
Akane TANGEGood Luck Girl! TV, 2012Supporting
DanaRio: Rainbow Gate! TV, 2011
GonbeOne Piece TV, 1999Supporting
Imari NAGAKURAAbsolute Duo TV, 2015
Kaori MINASEPsycho-Pass: The Movie Movie, 2015
Psycho-Pass TV, 2012Supporting
Kyouko TAKANASHIWorld Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman TV, 2015
Mikoto SAKURAGAWAGonna be the Twin-Tails!! TV, 2014
MiniFairy Tail (Second Season) TV, 2014
Fairy Tail TV, 2009Supporting
Mini [Eclipse]Fairy Tail (Second Season) TV, 2014
MizukiHaganai: I Don't Have Many Friends TV, 2011
Nashiro YASUHISATokyo Ghoul √A TV, 2015
PrincessDate a Live TV, 2013
SeilahFairy Tail (Second Season) TV, 2014
SheilaSky Wizards Academy TV, 2015
Suzu SHUTOURiddle Story of Devil TV, 2014
Tohka YATOGAMIDate a Live II TV, 2014
Date a Live: Date to Date OVA, 2013
Date a Live TV, 2013Main
Touka YADAAssassination Classroom Season 2 TV, 2016
Assassination Classroom TV, 2015
WredaTenchi Muyo! War on Geminar OVA, 2009Supporting
AkaruThe Rolling Girls TV, 2015
Chiyo KomiyaShonen Maid TV, 2016
DassaiTokyo Ravens TV, 2013
GogotoraFairy Tail TV, 2009
HirasawaHaganai: I Don't Have Many Friends TV, 2011
Kanade SakuradaCastle Town Dandelion TV, 2015
Kanan MatsuuraLove Live! Sunshine!! TV, 2016
Kaori HasegawaRed Data Girl TV, 2013
KayDivine Gate TV, 2016
Lou ChenfaChaos Dragon TV, 2015
Mami IzumiTokyo ESP TV, 2014
Megumi TobitaKamisama Kiss TV, 2012
Mio KusakaiKeijo!!!!!!!! TV
ReceptionistDragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ Movie, 2015
WendyShow by Rock!! TV, 2015