Paul Pistore


Paul Pistore is a voice actor and puppeteer who is also known as 'Paul John Pistore'.

Alien: Resurrection - Puppeteer
Apt. 51 - Co-Creator, writer, producer
Batman: Dead End - Lead Puppeteer, Creature Effects
Batman Returns - Puppeteer
Dan Doh!! - Voice Director
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - Special Make-Up Effects Artist
Masked Rider - Puppeteer
Men in Black II - Puppeteer
My Favorite Martian - Puppeteer (uncredted)
Sabretooth - Puppeteer, Sabretooth Animatronics
The Last Samurai - Misc. Weapons and Props
Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie - Puppeteer (uncredited)

Live Action Roles:
Apt. 51 - Mal (puppeteer/Voice)
Masked Rider - Ferbus, Catatron (voices)
Power Rangers: Turbo - Flash Head (voice, uncredited)
Power Rangers: Zeo - Puppetman (voice, uncredited)
The All-New Captain Kangaroo - Mr. Moose, Copernicus P. Digit (voices)

Movie Roles:
Troops - Jawa, Capt. Reh Teah, Radio Dispatcher (voice)

Voice Acting Roles:

AsuradaShin Seiki GPX Cyber Formula TV, 1991Main
BoogieKarin TV, 2005Supporting
DadFantastic Children TV, 2004Supporting
Hayato KazamiShin Seiki GPX Cyber Formula TV, 1991Main
Henry MAAKAKarin TV, 2005Supporting
Hiluluk DoctorOne Piece TV, 1999Supporting
Kai KitazawaShutsugeki! Machine Robo Rescue TV, 2003Main
Masayuki KikuchiZipang TV, 2004Main
Musashi MiyajimaShutsugeki! Machine Robo Rescue TV, 2003Supporting
Orphanage DirectorFantastic Children TV, 2004Supporting
Ryuuji KazamaDan Doh!! TV, 2004Supporting
Sanji VINSMOKEOne Piece TV, 1999Main
Secretary TakedaEnergy Bomb Ganbaruger TV, 1992Supporting
SmokerOne Piece TV, 1999Supporting
TotoOne Piece TV, 1999Supporting
Toubei KirigakureEnergy Bomb Ganbaruger TV, 1992Supporting

Anime Staff Positions:

Dan Doh!! TV, 2004ADR Director
Fantastic Children TV, 2004ADR Director
Karin TV, 2005ADR Director
Shonen Onmyouji TV, 2006ADR Director