Peter Marinker



Screen Name:Peter MARINKER
Type: Person
Gender: Male

One of his most famouse roles in an animated movie is that of Paneer in the "Wallace & Gromit" films. Besides acting in many anime and western cartoons, he has also played Captain John Kilpack in the 1997 British Live Action film "Event Horizon".

Voice Acting Roles:

Gerhard DONNERVenus Wars Movie, 1989Supporting
ICHIHARAAngel Cop OVA, 1989Supporting
Kiichi GOTOUMobile Police Patlabor: The Movie Movie, 1989
Mobile Police Patlabor 2: The Movie Movie, 1993Main
MiruchaVampire Wars OVA, 1990Supporting
Mr. SimpsonA Wind Named Amnesia Movie, 1990Supporting
AnchorMermaid Forest OVA, 1991
ColonelProject A-ko Movie, 1986
Corporate SpokesmanBounty Dog OVA, 1994
DoctorOdin: Photon Space Sailer Starlight Movie, 1985
Dr. IchiharaAngel Cop OVA, 1989
Dr. ShahahDominion Tank Police OVA, 1988
LandlordSword for Truth Movie, 1990
MirchaVampire Wars OVA, 1990
NarratorThe Heroic Legend of Arslan: Age of Heroes OVA, 1991
Sword for Truth Movie, 1990
NewscasterVampire Wars OVA, 1990
Reporter 1Roujin Z OVA, 1991
TakeuchiThe Dark Myth OVA, 1990