Robbie Rist



Screen Name:Robbie RIST
Type: Person
Gender: Male
Birthday: Apr 4, 1964

Robert Anthony Rist is an American actor and musician.

He is well known for his voice over as Michelangelo in the three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live action movies.

Rist also voices characters Choji Akimichi from Naruto, Itsuki "Iggy" Takeuchi from Initial D and Bud Bison from Megaman Starforce.

Recently, he voiced Griffin in Terminator Salvation, he also recently provided additional voices in Final Fantasy XIII.

Voice Acting Roles:

Chouji AKIMICHINaruto Shippuden: The Movie - The Will of Fire Movie, 2009
Naruto Shippuden The Movie: Bonds Movie, 2008
Naruto Shippuden TV, 2007
Naruto: Konoha no Sato no Daiun Douaki Bonus, 2004
Naruto TV, 2002Supporting
Itsuki TAKEUCHIInitial D: Extra Stage OVA, 2001Supporting
Initial D: Second Stage TV, 1999
Initial D: First Stage TV, 1998
Bud BisonMegaman Star Force TV, 2006
EidoZatch Bell! TV, 2003