Rumi Ochiai



Screen Name:Rumi OCHIAI落合 るみ(おちあい るみ)
Type: Person
Gender: Female
Given name: るみ
Family name: 落合
Birthday: Mar 6, 1973

Birth place: Aichi, Japan
Height: 154cm
Weight: 42kg

Voice Acting Roles:

Cindy FiorentinoZone of the Enders: Dolores TV, 2001Supporting
HarukaPokémon TV, 1997Supporting
KakaThe Twelve Kingdoms TV, 2002Supporting
KeikaThe Twelve Kingdoms TV, 2002
Kotomi HiyamaNieA_7 TV, 2000Supporting
KoureiSaiyuki Reload TV, 2003
Kurenai YUUHILast: Naruto the Movie Movie, 2014
Naruto Shippuden TV, 2007
Naruto TV, 2002Supporting
LamiaDemon Lord Dante TV, 2002Supporting
Marin no MamaFullmetal Alchemist TV, 2003
MelissaZone of the Enders: 2167 Idolo OVA, 2001Supporting
MelopsumRagnarök: The Animation TV, 2004Supporting
Rina DoumotoCase Closed TV, 1996Supporting
Rouge the BatSonic X TV, 2003Supporting
SharonaShaman King TV, 2001Supporting
Yuko KomiyamaCase Closed TV, 1996Supporting
AlchemistRagnarök: The Animation TV, 2004
ArcherRagnarök: The Animation TV, 2004
HexeRagnarök: The Animation TV, 2004
Keiko TayamaCase Closed TV, 1996
KreuzfahrerRagnarök: The Animation TV, 2004
MerryPokémon TV, 1997
Mutsumi's MotherHoop Days TV, 2003
Seiko InuiCase Closed TV, 1996
Weiblicher MönchRagnarök: The Animation TV, 2004
Woman in TV ShowMichiko & Hatchin TV, 2008
Yuuko KomiyamaCase Closed TV, 1996
Yuuko SakuraiCase Closed TV, 1996