Taliesin Jaffe



Screen Name:Taliesin JAFFE
Real Name:Taliesin AXELROD JAFFE
Type: Person
Gender: Male
Birthday: Jan 19, 1977

Also listed as: Talis Axelrod, T. Axelrod

An American voice director, script writer, voice actor, and former child actor. He is known for directing and writing many English language anime titles for New Generation Pictures, most notably R.O.D the TV and Hellsing. He is also co-directing BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad with Christopher Bevins for FUNimation. Jaffe has also written many articles and spoken as a guest lecturer at universities and libraries.

Voice Acting Roles:

Aaron TerzieffMobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA, 2010Supporting
Arthur Conan DOYLEBlack Butler: Book of Murder OVA, 2014
Arthur KIRKLANDHetalia: The World Twinkle Web, 2015
BucchiGun X Sword TV, 2005Supporting
Class PresidentMelody of Oblivion TV, 2004
DystFairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess Movie, 2012Supporting
Gesu3x3 Eyes OVA, 1991
Houkou KAKUKAIkki Tousen: Xtreme Xecutor TV, 2010Supporting
JackHellsing TV, 2001
Jouji KITAZAWASpeed Grapher TV, 2005
Jun KOSHINAEFrom I"s OVA, 2002Supporting
Kagura DEMURIAquarion Evol TV, 2012Main
KarasuMoon Phase TV, 2004
Kenkichi HITOTSUBASHIKamichu! TV, 2005Supporting
Kenkichi HITOTSUBASHIKamichu! TV, 2005
KoroshiyaAssassination Classroom Season 2 TV, 2016
Kouha KANNEIIkki Tousen TV, 2003Supporting
Kouji MORII My Me! Strawberry Eggs TV, 2001Supporting
KuronMelody of Oblivion TV, 2004Supporting
LeifHellsing Ultimate OVA, 2006
Hellsing TV, 2001
Leif aka HugerHellsing TV, 2001Supporting
Preta GHOULBlack Cat TV, 2005Supporting
ProsecutorSpace☆Dandy 2nd Season TV, 2014Supporting
Space Dandy Season 2 TV, 2014
Shougo ASAGITsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 2nd Season TV, 2006
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE TV, 2005Supporting
Takeya IKUHARADearS: Is It A Golden Ball? Bonus, 2005
DearS TV, 2004Main
TerroristBurn Up Excess TV, 1997
WakadanMelody of Oblivion TV, 2004
A.G.L/R: Licensed by Royalty TV, 2003
AnnouncerStarship Girl Yamamoto Yohko (1) OVA, 1996
AssistantHellsing TV, 2001
Assistant ResearcherDangaizer 3 OVA, 1999
AtahualpaNazca TV, 1998
BartlowTales of Zestiria: The Cross TV, 2016
Baseball Player BGirls Bravo TV, 2004
BoySchool Rumble 2nd Term TV, 2006
Bus DriverNieA_7 TV, 2000
Car SalesmanBurn Up Excess TV, 1997
Contruction WorkerNazca TV, 1998
DistFairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess Movie, 2012
Fake PoyonGirls Bravo (Season 2) TV, 2005
Fei-Oh3x3 Eyes: Legend of the Divine Demon OVA, 1995
Gang MemberNazca TV, 1998
GuardL/R: Licensed by Royalty TV, 2003
Guy DGirls Bravo (Season 2) TV, 2005
HanashoGirls Bravo (Season 2) TV, 2005
Girls Bravo TV, 2004
HiroyukiGhost Hunt TV, 2006
Iemon ShigarakiShigurui: Death Frenzy TV, 2007
JSSDF SoldierNeon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth Movie, 1997
KeithBeck: Mongolian Chop Squad TV, 2004
Language TeacherR.O.D: The TV TV, 2003
Male StudentNazca TV, 1998
Man Eating FlowerNieA_7 TV, 2000
Medical Student AGhost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex TV, 2002
Newscaster BL/R: Licensed by Royalty TV, 2003
Old Clothes DealerCharcoal Feather Federation TV, 2002
OperatorDangaizer 3 OVA, 1999
Outsider DErgo Proxy TV, 2006
People 1Girls Bravo (Season 2) TV, 2005
PlainclothesmanGhost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex TV, 2002
Police OfficerR.O.D: The TV TV, 2003
Pupil CShigurui: Death Frenzy TV, 2007
Radio D.J.L/R: Licensed by Royalty TV, 2003
Records WorkerNieA_7 TV, 2000
Round Table Member 5Hellsing Ultimate OVA, 2006
Ryuji KitayamaR.O.D: The TV TV, 2003
Shadow 2Dangaizer 3 OVA, 1999
Soldier AErgo Proxy TV, 2006
Staff Member BR.O.D: The TV TV, 2003
SteveBeck: Mongolian Chop Squad TV, 2004
Student CIkki Tousen TV, 2003
StylistL/R: Licensed by Royalty TV, 2003
Supermarket ClerkNieA_7 TV, 2000
ToastmasterR.O.D: The TV TV, 2003
Wakaba the CatNieA_7 TV, 2000
WarriorNazca TV, 1998
Wild Bunch DGun X Sword TV, 2005
Wild Geese MemberHellsing Ultimate OVA, 2006

Anime Staff Positions:

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad TV, 2004ADR Director
Ergo Proxy TV, 2006Script
Hellsing TV, 2001ADR Director
Hellsing Ultimate OVA, 2006ADR Director
Hell Girl TV, 2005Script
R.O.D: Read or Die OVA, 2001Script
Romeo x Juliet TV, 2007Script
Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind OVA, 2009ADR Director