Terri Hawkes



Screen Name:Terri HAWKES
Type: Person
Gender: Female

Terri Hawkes is a Canadian actress. She first gained fame as a voice actress, her most definitive role being that of Sailor Moon after Tracey Moore left DiC Entertainment. Terri left the series after completing the dub of Sailor Moon R, due to her pregnancy at the time, and was unable to continue in her role as Serena (although she did voice the character in the R, S and SuperS movies). She was later replaced by Linda Ballantyne.

Early in her career, Hawkes played Baby Hugs Bear in The Care Bears Movie, and Shreeky (No Heart's niece) in Nelvana's Care Bears TV show She has played Betti in 6teen. Hawkes also had a role playing Monika Barnes in the early episodes of Traders, and also was the voice of a 3D sphere in Max Maven's The MAXimum Dimension.

Hawkes worked as a voice director for such Nelvana shows as Flying Rhino Junior High, Ned's Newt and Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse.

Currently, she devotes equal time to her live action and animated acting careers.

Voice Acting Roles:

Aya WATSUJIInterlude OVA, 2004Main
Usagi TSUKINOSailor Moon SuperS Movie: Black Dream Hole Movie, 1995
Sailor Moon S Movie: Hearts in Ice Movie, 1994
Sailor Moon R: The Movie - The Promise of the Rose Movie, 1993
Sailor Moon R TV, 1993
Sailor Moon TV, 1992Main
SerenaSailor Moon TV, 1992