Troy Baker



Screen Name:Troy BAKER
Troy E. Baker
Type: Person
Gender: Male
Birthday: Apr 1, 1976

Twitter: @TroyBakerVA

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Troy Baker is an American actor and voice actor who works with anime films, television series, as well as video games.

Before pursuing acting, Baker was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the indie-rock band Tripp Fontaine, which released the radio single "Burning Out" from their debut album "Random Thoughts On A Paper Napkin" in 2003.

His voice can also be heard in video game titles including Tales of Vesperia, Brothers in Arms, Red Faction: Guerrilla, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Transformers: War for Cybertron, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Catherine, Batman: Arkham City, and most recently Saints Row: The Third,The Last of Us, and BioShock: Infinite. Animation lovers will recognize him in shows such as Cartoon Network's Generator Rex and Disney XD's Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, as well as several popular anime series such as Naruto Shippuden and Trinity Blood.

Voice Acting Roles:

Abel NIGHTROADTrinity Blood TV, 2005Main
Action KamenShin chan TV, 1992Supporting
Akatsuki KAINVampire Knight Guilty TV, 2008
Vampire Knight TV, 2008Supporting
Alexei NABIKOVLupin III: Missed by a Dollar TV-Special, 2000
AlfonsoGunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino TV, 2008
Gunslinger Girl TV, 2003
Clint BartonIron Man: Rise of Technovore OVA, 2013Supporting
DavidSpeed Grapher TV, 2005
Dr. KochinDragon Ball Z Movie 02: Konoyo de Ichiban Tsuyoi Yatsu Movie, 1990Supporting
Dragon Ball Z Movie 2: The World's Strongest Movie, 1990
ExcaliburSoul Eater TV, 2008Supporting
Frank ARCHERFullmetal Alchemist: Premium Collection OVA, 2006
Fullmetal Alchemist TV, 2003Supporting
GanryuBleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody Movie, 2006Main
Gennosuke KOUGABasilisk TV, 2005Main
GinCase Closed: Countdown to Heaven Movie, 2001
Case Closed TV, 1996Supporting
GreedFullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood TV, 2009Supporting
Heinrich VON KINKELMoon Phase TV, 2004Supporting
HeinzMonster TV, 2004
HelmeppoOne Piece TV, 1999Supporting
Hiroki TsujiCase Closed: The Fourteenth Target Movie, 1998Supporting
HoiDragon Ball Z Movie 13: Ryuuken Bakuhatsu!! Goku ga Yaraneba Dare ga Yaru Movie, 1995Supporting
HokushinNaruto TV, 2002Supporting
IkaX-Men TV, 2011
JakeX-Men TV, 2011Supporting
Jaromír LIPSKÝMonster TV, 2004
Jaromír LipskýMonster TV, 2004Supporting
Jenos HAZARDBlack Cat: The Distant Cat Bonus, 2006
Black Cat TV, 2005Supporting
Jin KARIYABleach TV, 2004Supporting
Jou MurakamiCase Closed: The Fourteenth Target Movie, 1998Supporting
KaguroKekkaishi TV, 2006Supporting
Kanji TATSUMIPersona 4: The Animation TV, 2011Main
Kazkis HAUERErgo Proxy TV, 2006Supporting
KeikanCase Closed TV, 1996
KihouNaruto Shippuden TV, 2007Supporting
King ColdDragon Ball Z Kai TV, 2009
Kiyosumi KATOUBaki the Grappler (2) TV, 2001
Baki the Grappler TV, 2001Supporting
Kouichi KAGAX-Men TV, 2011Supporting
Kusanagi SHIYUUTsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 2nd Season TV, 2006
Kusanagi SHIYUUTsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE TV, 2005Supporting
Kyle RONDARTTsubasa Shunraiki OVA, 2009
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 2nd Season TV, 2006
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE TV, 2005Supporting
LeonThe Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye TV, 2006Supporting
MadaraoKekkaishi TV, 2006Supporting
Makoto KawazuDesert Punk TV, 2004Supporting
Mitsunari ISHIDASengoku Basara: Samurai Kings - The Last Party Movie, 2011Main
Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings 2 TV, 2010
Nagi SPRINGFIELDNegima! TV, 2005Supporting
Naofumi TOKINOThe Sky Crawlers Movie, 2008Supporting
Noah van HelsingBlade TV, 2011Supporting
November 11Darker than Black TV, 2007Supporting
PainNaruto Shippuden TV, 2007Supporting
PietroGunslinger Girl TV, 2003
Radok LANZARDThe Slayers Evolution-R TV, 2009
RanBeck: Mongolian Chop Squad TV, 2004Supporting
RengaNaruto TV, 2002Supporting
Roujuurou OOTORIBASHIBleach TV, 2004Supporting
Ryousuke MORIMIEden of the East the Movie II: Paradise Lost Movie, 2010
Eden of the East TV, 2009Supporting
Schneizel EL BRITANNIACode Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 TV, 2008
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion TV, 2006Supporting
SigmaKyokugen Dasshutsu Adv: Zennin Shibou Desu Prologue ONA, 2011Main
Skybreeder OhmOne Piece TV, 1999Supporting
Syam VistMobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA, 2010Supporting
Wataru YuukiThe Galaxy Railways TV, 2003Supporting
White☆StarSoul Eater TV, 2008Supporting
YahikoNaruto Shippuden TV, 2007Supporting
YamatoNaruto Shippuden: The Movie 4 - The Lost Tower Movie, 2010
Naruto Shippuden The Movie: Bonds Movie, 2008
Naruto Shippuden TV, 2007Supporting
YasukeMushi-Shi TV, 2005Supporting
Yasuyuki TsutsumiCase Closed TV, 1996Supporting
Young ManxxxHOLiC: A Midsummer Night's Dream Movie, 2005
Yuri LOWELLTales of Vesperia: The First Strike Movie, 2009Main
ZuumaThe Slayers Evolution-R TV, 2009Supporting
Slayers Revolution TV, 2008
Action BastardShin chan TV, 1992
Artie NelsonCase Closed TV, 1996
CoachSuzuka TV, 2005
CopperheadBaki the Grappler TV, 2001
DamienMegaman Star Force TV, 2006
DamonCase Closed TV, 1996
Drunk ManBlade TV, 2011
Eckardo [Young]Glass Fleet TV, 2006
Erik Jan HanussenFullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala Movie, 2005
French StaffCode Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 TV, 2008
GingerDragon Ball Z - Movie 1: The Deadzone Movie, 1989
Guard ELupin III: Crisis in Tokyo TV-Special, 1998
HakudoKekkaishi TV, 2006
Henry TishCase Closed: The Fourteenth Target Movie, 1998
HiroshiKodocha TV, 1996
HondaPeach Girl: Super Pop Love Hurricane TV, 2005
HoyDragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon Movie, 1995
James TonganCase Closed TV, 1996
JarvisIron Man: Rise of Technovore OVA, 2013
J.T MoronoCase Closed: The Fourteenth Target Movie, 1998
ManMushi-Shi TV, 2005
Merlin TinsletonCase Closed TV, 1996
MermanRagnarök: The Animation TV, 2004
Old PirateOne Piece: The Desert Princess and the Pirates - Adventures in Alabasta Movie, 2007
President of the United StatesSpeed Grapher TV, 2005
Prof. OnoIron Man TV, 2010
Reporter 3Case Closed TV, 1996
ShuleDragon Ball TV, 1986
SniperSolty Rei TV, 2005
Soldier BErgo Proxy TV, 2006
Trainee 1Iron Man TV, 2010
White StarSoul Eater TV, 2008
Yashiro UchihaNaruto TV, 2002
York TaylorCase Closed TV, 1996
Yuuki WataruThe Galaxy Railways TV, 2003