William Frederick Knight


Voice Acting Roles:

AlanFreedom OVA, 2006Supporting
CarlosGun X Sword TV, 2005Supporting
DaigorouSamurai Champloo TV, 2004Supporting
Daisuke ARAMAKIGhost in the Shell Movie, 1995Supporting
Danzou SHIMURANaruto Shippuden TV, 2007Supporting
Dr. NorThe Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye TV, 2006Supporting
Dr. TGungrave TV, 2003Supporting
Father RenaldoHellsing Ultimate OVA, 2006Supporting
Gordon RosewaterThe Big O TV, 1999Supporting
Kuzemi SwigertEureka Seven: Psalms of Planets TV, 2005Supporting
Luigi VAMPAGankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo TV, 2004Supporting
NurarihyonNura: Rise of the Yokai Clan TV, 2010Supporting
Old WolfWolf's Rain TV, 2003Supporting
Professor FreudLicensed by Royal TV, 2003Supporting
RoujinParanoia Agent TV, 2004Supporting
Saburou MUSASHINOMelody of Oblivion TV, 2004Supporting
Shikou CHOUKOUIkki Tousen TV, 2003Supporting
TaishiTokkou TV, 2006Supporting
Tofu TOUFUKUJII My Me! Strawberry Eggs TV, 2001Supporting