Youka Nitta



Screen Name:Youka NITTA新田 祐克(にった ゆうか)
Type: Person
Gender: Female
Given name: 祐克
Family name: 新田
Birthday: Mar 8, 1971

Zodiac: Pisces
Blood type: B
Birth Place: Fukui Prefecture, Japan

Can also be spelled "Nitta, Yuuka".

Her illustration debut was in 1994, in 小説Charade.

Her manga debut was Be-Boy's 1995 release of "Groupie."

She temporarily quit after a tracing plagiarism scandal, but now she is back drawing manga.


Kichiku R18: Nyoudou Seme Manga, 2014Author & Illustrator
Marugoto Nekokke: Kumota Haruko "Itoshi no Nekokke" Tribute Book Manga, 2014Author & Illustrator
Haru o Daiteita ALIVE Manga, 2013Author & Illustrator
Long Vacation Manga, 2013Author & Illustrator
Prince of Sahara Manga, 2012Author & Illustrator
Spiritual Police Manga, 2012Author & Illustrator
Starting with a Kiss Manga, 2010Author & Illustrator
Otodama Manga, 2007Author & Illustrator
The Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy Manga, 2006Author & Illustrator
Sound of My Voice Manga, 2004Author & Illustrator
17 Guyz Manga, 2000Author & Illustrator
Casino Lily Manga, 1999Author & Illustrator
Embracing Love Manga, 1999Author & Illustrator
Umaimon Kuwasero! Manga, 1998Author & Illustrator
Otoko ga Otoko o Aisuru Toki Manga, 1997Author & Illustrator
Groupie Manga, 1995Author & Illustrator
Groupie MangaStory & Art
Ate Naki Tegami Manga, 2012Story & Art
Un Carnet de Bal Manga, 2006Story & Art
Story & Art

Anime Staff Positions:

Embracing Love: A Cicada in Winter OVA, 2007Original Creator
Fuyu no Semi: Tokubetsu Henshuuhan OVA, 2008Original Creator
Embracing Love OVA, 2005Original Creator