Yuval Segal



Birthday: Dec 6, 1980

Voice Acting Roles:

Android No.17Dragon Ball GT TV, 1996Supporting
BashouPokémon Crystal: Raikou, The Legend of Thunder TV-Special, 2001Main
Blader DJBeyblade TV, 2001Supporting
BokomonDigimon Frontier TV, 2002Supporting
Christopher THORNDYKESonic X TV, 2003Main
Grandpa HinoSailor Moon Super S TV, 1995Supporting
Hawk's EyeSailor Moon Super S TV, 1995Supporting
HopTransformers Cybertron TV, 2005Supporting
Kai HiwatariBeyblade TV, 2001Main
KerberosCardcaptors TV, 1998Main
KitakataSailor Moon Super S TV, 1995Supporting
LucemonDigimon Frontier TV, 2002Supporting
LukaTai Chi Chasers TV, 2007Supporting
Manta OYAMADAShaman King TV, 2001Main
MizukiNaruto TV, 2002Supporting
MoomintrollMoomin TV, 1990Main
Rock LEENaruto TV, 2002Supporting
SharpnerDragon Ball Z TV, 1989Supporting
Souichi TomoeSailor Moon S TV, 1994Main
TokageroShaman King TV, 2001Supporting
TooruPokémon TV, 1997Supporting
WedgeTransformers: Robots in Disguise TV, 2000Supporting