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Pokemon Heroes: The Movie

Movie, 2002

Pocket Monsters - The Water Capitals Guardian Deities: Latias & Latios, Pokémon Movie 5, Pokemon: Mizu no Miyako no Mamorigami Latias to Latios, ポケットモンスター 水の都の護神 ラティアスとラティオス, Gekijouban Pocket Monsters: Mizu no Miyako Mamorigami Latias to Latios, Pokemon Movie 5, Guardian Gods of the City of Water: Latias and Latios, げきじょうばんぽけっともんすたあみずのみやこのまもりがみらちあとらちおす

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Poster of the anime Pokemon Heroes: The Movie



Poster of the anime Pokemon Heroes: The Movie
Poster of the anime Camp Pikachu
Camp Pikachu
Movie | 2002
Poster of the anime Pokémon
TV | 1997
Poster of the anime Pokemon: Pika Pika Hoshizora Camp

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Anime info

Release Date 07/13/2002
Studio OLM Inc.
Licensors 4Kids Entertainment, Miramax Films
Rating PG - Children
Type Movie
Year 2002
Episodes 1
Duration ~1 hr. 14 min.
Japanese Title -
English Title -
Status -
Producers -
Source -
Premiered -
Broadcast -
Demographic -
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