Hiroyuki Utatane

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Poster of the person Hiroyuki Utatane
Screen Name:

Hiroyuki UTATANE

うたたね ひろゆき

Type: Person
Gender: Male
Given name: うたたね ひろゆき
Birthday: Jun 15, 1966


Birth Date: June 15, 1966
Birth Place: Nagaota, Niigata, Japan
Zodiac: Gemini

Member of UROBOROS dj circle.
Husband of the mangaka Ramiya Ryou (蘭宮涼).
He’s primarily an hentai artist, but his laters works, Heaven’s Prison and Seraphic Feather, are seinen manga with sci-fi elements.

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Poster of the anime Countdown Conjoined
Countdown Conjoined
Original Work
OVA | 1995
Poster of the anime Sailor Moon S
Sailor Moon S
Key Animation
TV | 1994
Poster of the manga Tengoku
Author & Illustrator
Manga | 2002
Poster of the manga Lythtis
Author & Illustrator
Manga | 1995
Poster of the manga Temptation
Author & Illustrator
Manga | 1993
Poster of the manga Seraphic Feather
Seraphic Feather
Manga | 1993
Poster of the manga Countdown: Sex Bombs
Countdown: Sex Bombs
Author & Illustrator
Manga | 1992
Poster of the manga Countdown: Sex Bombs
Countdown: Sex Bombs
Story & Art
Poster of the manga Evangelion: ANIMA
Evangelion: ANIMA
Novel | 2008

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