Keiji Hayakawa

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早川 啓二

(はやかわ けいじ)

Type: Person
Gender: Male
Given name: 啓二
Family name: 早川
Birthday: Jun 14, 1950


Worked with Toei Animation, Studio Pierrot, and Studio Gallop. Died in April of 2008, at the age of 57.
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Poster of the anime Kiba
Storyboard, Episode Direction
TV | 2006
Poster of the anime Gallery Fake
Gallery Fake
Episode Direction
TV | 2005
Poster of the anime Fighting Spirit
Fighting Spirit
Episode Direction, Storyboard
TV | 2000
Poster of the anime Digimon: Digital Monsters
Digimon: Digital Monsters
Episode Direction
TV | 1999
Poster of the anime Mamotte Shugogetten!
Mamotte Shugogetten!
Episode Direction
TV | 1998
Poster of the anime Yuu Gi Ou
Yuu Gi Ou
Episode Direction
TV | 1998
Poster of the anime High School! Kimengumi
High School! Kimengumi
TV | 1985
Poster of the anime Igano Kabamaru
Igano Kabamaru
Storyboard, Episode Direction
TV | 1983
Poster of the anime Isabelle of Paris
Isabelle of Paris
TV | 1979
Poster of the anime Nobara no Julie
Nobara no Julie
Chief Direction
TV | 1979
Poster of the anime Future Boy Conan
Future Boy Conan
Storyboard, Episode Direction
TV | 1978
Poster of the anime Heidi: Girl of the Alps
Heidi: Girl of the Alps
TV | 1974
Poster of the anime Ashita e Attack!
Ashita e Attack!
TV | 1977
Poster of the anime Chikkun Takkun
Chikkun Takkun
TV | 1984
Poster of the anime Kiteretsu Encyclopedia
Kiteretsu Encyclopedia
TV | 1988
Poster of the anime The Legend of Condor Hero
The Legend of Condor Hero
Storyboard, Director
TV | 2001
Poster of the anime Urusei Yatsura
Urusei Yatsura
TV | 1981
Poster of the anime A Journey Through Fairyland
A Journey Through Fairyland
Movie | 1985
Poster of the anime Yu-Gi-Oh!
Episode Director
TV | 2000

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