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小泉 謙三

(こいずみ けんぞう)

Type: Person
Gender: Male

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Poster of the anime Initial D: Second Stage
Initial D: Second Stage
Key Animation
TV | 1999
Poster of the anime NightWalker
Chief Animation Direction
TV | 1998
Poster of the anime The Galaxy Adventures of Oz
The Galaxy Adventures of Oz
Animation Direction
TV | 1992
Poster of the anime Chuuhai Lemon: Love 30s - Ame ni Nurete mo
Chuuhai Lemon: Love 30s - Ame ni Nurete mo
Direction, Character Design, Storyboard, Animation Direction
OVA | 1985
Poster of the anime Locke the Superman
Locke the Superman
Character Design
Movie | 1984
Poster of the anime Tiger Mask Nisei
Tiger Mask Nisei
Animation Direction
TV | 1981
Poster of the anime Force Five: Spaceketeers
Force Five: Spaceketeers
Animation Direction
TV | 1978
Poster of the anime Himitsu no Akko-chan
Himitsu no Akko-chan
Animation Direction
TV | 1969

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