Masuda Kurea

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Poster of the person Masuda Kurea
Screen Name:

Masuda Kurea

増田 來亜

Type: Voice Actor
Given name:來亜
Family name:増田
Birthday:Aug 19, 2003


Birth Place: Miyazaki Prefecture
Height: 157
Blood type: A
Color: white
Labels: EXPG, Sony Music
Agency: LDH
Hobbies: watch movies
Special skill: hand dexterity

Kurea was a member of EXPG Lab dance team ‘KIZZY’ and attended as a student at the ‘EXPG Miyazaki’ school. She was also an E-girls Bunny in 2016. From 2014 to 2015 she was a back-up dancer for various live shows and events. In 2018 she was announced as a cast member of the tokusatsu “Mahou x Senshi Magi Majo Pures” as Yuria Nijiro and joined the idol group “Magical2” for one year. On 2019 she became part of the idol unit “Girls2” and the girl group “Ohagirls” for the children’s morning show “Ohasuta”. Her broadcast day is Thursday. On the same year Kurea and the other Ohagirls and Girls2 member Misaki performed the ending theme song for the anime “Puzzle & Dragons X”.

Roles Voice Actor
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Garugaku.: Sei Girls Square Gakuin
Poster of the anime Puzzle & Dragon
Puzzle & Dragon
Theme Song Performance

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