Iwasaki Ryou

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Poster of the person Iwasaki Ryou
Screen Name:

Iwasaki Ryou

岩崎 了

Type: Voice Actor
Given name:
Family name:岩崎
Birthday:Sep 7
Website: http://www.artsvision.co.jp/data.php?id=1066


Birth place: Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Hobbies: watching films, sound mixing, camping, karate, and tidying up

Roles Voice Actor
Screen Name -
Real Name -
Type -
Voice Actor Tone -
Gender -
Given name -
Family name -
Birthday -
Website -
Hometown -
Blood type -
Hobbies -
English Skill & abilities -
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Poster of the character WATANABE
Movie | 2014
Father Kuroki
Poster of the character Gilles DE RAIS
Gilles DE RAIS

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