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Poster of the person SMAP

Birthday: 1991


The name SMAP stands for “Sports Music Assemble People”.

Their CD debut was in 1991. Since then they have released many singles and albums, and with the exceptions of a few, all releases reached #1 in charts. Recently, the interval of releasing single CDs is becoming relatively long, approximately once a year. The members of SMAP have also starred in many television variety shows, dramas, commercials, and movies. Their fanbase mostly consists of Japanese women. SMAP is often considered to have gone past the so called “Idol Group” status, and have become the “Top Group” in Japan. SMAP is also well known in many other Asian countries.

The members are:
* Nakai Masahiro (中居正広)
* Kimura Takuya (木村拓哉)
* Inagaki Gorou (稲垣吾郎)
* Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (草彅剛)
* Katori Shingo (香取慎吾)

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Poster of the anime Red Riding Hood Chacha
Red Riding Hood Chacha
Theme Song Performance
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Honey and Clover II
Theme Song Performance
TV | 2006
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Hime-chan no Ribbon
Theme Song Performance
TV | 1992

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