Takehito Koyasu

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Poster of the voice actor Takehito Koyasu
Screen Name:

Takehito KOYASU

子安 武人

(こやす たけひと)

Suikoden AKIYAMA

秋山 水滸

Yuuki ASAI

浅井 優希


神楽 飛鳥




柵間 拓哉




十文字 隼人


大宇宙 守護


瑞生 愁

Roushi MIBU

壬生 浪士


十七条 良房


壬申 乱

Type: Person
Gender: Male
Given name: 武人
Family name: 子安
Birthday: May 5, 1967
Website: http://www.marine-e.co.jp/actor/koyasu/index.htm
Homepage: http://koyap.jugem.jp/


According to the Anime News Network, as of December 2008, Koyasu is the most prolific seiyū in Japan with voice acting roles in 365 anime series. He is also part of the seiyū quartet Weiss consisting of Weiss Kreuz voice castmates Shinichiro Miki, Tomokazu Seki, and Yuuki Hiro. He used to work for Production Baobab but is now the head of T’s Factory, a seiyuu company he founded in 1998.

Koyasu is known for his deep, smooth voice, which often lands him in roles that are either villains or lonely bishōnen. Recently, though (as in the cases of Mitsurugi Hanagata from Saber Marionette J, Ryo Kuroyanagi from Yakitate!! Japan, Bobobo-Bo-Bobobo, and Kei Itoshiki from Zoku Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei) he has been voicing more and more lively/humorous characters. According to Hisaya Nakajo, the mangaka of the series Hana-Kimi, the character of Masao Himejima was designed with Koyasu’s voice in mind; the seiyū ended up voicing this character in the series’ drama CDs.

Koyasu is also the creator of the Weiß series, and has authored the manga Weiß Side B. In creating Weiß Kreuz, Koyasu was inspired by an old Japanese series called Sure Death.

Koyasu often voices under the pseudonym Hayato Jumonji, especially in H anime.

He also narrates promotional videos and pre-flight safety videos for StarFlyer.

Blood type: A
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Bust-Waist-Hip: 83-65-93 cm

Beverages: milk, brandy
Colours: black, white, blue
Country: Egypt
Animal: Giraffe
Brands of clothing: Fila, Donna Karan, Van, Ships
Date spot: the sea
Music group: L’arc~en~Ciel
TV show: “trendy” dramas
Flower: yellow rose
Foods: ebi, tofu, men’s pocky
Idol: Mita Hiroko
Season: autumn

Video Games

Skills & Abilities:
Designing signatures
E Rank Driver
Jump rope

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