Tomoyasu Murata

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Poster of the person Tomoyasu Murata

Given name: 朋泰
Family name: 村田
Birthday: Jul 4, 1974


Born in Japan.

In 2000 graduated from the General Design Course of Tokyo University of Art. Two years after that, he graduated from the Formative communication major of the graduate course of the General Design Course of Tokyo University of Art.


In 2002, he was awarded with Excellence Prize during the Hiroshima International Animation Festival for his “Scarlet Road” (朱の路). He received big attainment as the Hiroshima’s jury very seldomly awards the Japanese.

He is known as an alternative Japanese animator whose works are different from common anime and mainly specializes in puppet movies.

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Poster of the anime Michi
Movie | 2002
Poster of the anime Tokyo Loop
Tokyo Loop
Movie | 2006

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