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(43 years old)

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South Korea

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  • 이은미
  • Lee Eun-mi-I
  • 李恩美

Lee Eun-mi


Lee Eun-mi (Hangul: 이은미 , born 1981) is a South Korean AV actress.


사람을 찾습니다 사람을 찾습니다 (2009) Character: Bo-seon
Won-young is at the center of a dog-eat-dog world where the only thing that matters is where you are in the social hierarchy. Won-young revels in his perverse sexual appetites and beats Gyu-nam who is abandoned by society. But for Gyu-nam, Won-young is the only person who even acknowledges him so he remains, as he himself acknowledges, Won-young's faithful dog.
맛2 맛2 (2015) Character: N/A
Heon-sub is in his third year of cooking major at the Samjin University. He gets a job at the cooking school run by Jeong-min, who lectures at his school department. From a great looking professor to sexy students who have their eyes on young men, a married woman who tries hard to make things right in bed with her husband and the girl who dumped him right away at the blind date! Heon-sub is the only guy at the cooking club and his adult-rated eating fantasy begins.
엄마학개론 엄마학개론 (2019) Character: N/A
Min-jae is thirty years and leeches off his parents. He dates many women using his father's money. Unable to forget his first love, he refuses to marry. One day, Min-jae's father introduces him to his step-mother. It is Woo-hee, Min-jae's first love. In a complicated string of events, the two grow close.
신 젊은 엄마 - 무삭제판 신 젊은 엄마 - 무삭제판 (2018) Character: N/A
Min-chul misses his mother who left 5 years ago. His father Jung-soo brings Hyun-ah, a new mother who looks just like his mother. He recalls his mother as he watches Hyun-ah endure the violence his father shows, but he starts to see her as a woman.
가슴 큰 엄마들 가슴 큰 엄마들 (2019) Character: Mi-sook (미숙)
Mi-sook raised her son Tae-ho alone after being widowed early by her husband. Then there was a man who comforted her lonely heart, and he was none other than Hyeon-dong, her son's best friend! For his son Tae-ho, who still doesn't know anything about this, Mi-sook suggests that they go on a trip with her high school alumni, Se-ryeong and Eun-hye, and tries to carry on her dizzying relationship with Hyeon-dong.
모녀카센터 모녀카센터 (2021) Character: N/A
Yeon Ja, a working mother, runs a car center after divorce and is raising her daughter all by herself. Her daughter, Ah Jung, started helping her when she became an adult, however, the customers don't trust weak-looking women to touch machines and the business at the car center is slow. Thanks to Ah Jung's punk boyfriend, Sung Hoon, they came up with an idea to turn the car center into a sexy car center.
초대남 초대남 (2017) Character: Eun-kyung
Min-ho wants passionate sex and his wife Eun-kyeong says sex is just a verification of love. Min-ho wants unique sex again tonight but Eun-kyeong only wants the usual sex in bed. One day, Eun-kyeong gets sex toys at work. She doesn't like them at first but she can't get over the great feeling from the massage shop and starts touching herself. Min-ho sees this and he gets horny. In the end, they have sex that they will never forget.
챌린지 게임 챌린지 게임 (2016) Character: Adult store customer
Florist Ae-ran and forensics investigator Min-ho from the Public Prosecutor's Office both have a family that everyone wants. However, Min-ho can't handle bed time so Ae-ran starts a 'challenge game' in which she seduces and has sex with strange men. One day, Ae-ran and Min-ho meet Alex at a tango cafe. Alex is interested in Ae-ran and approaches her while Ae-ran takes interest in Alex who is more handsome than her husband. Min-ho later witnesses them in action and gets angry when he finds out the man Ae-ran seduced is Alex. Min-ho feels nervous because he finds out Alex isn't just a game partner and approached him for a reason. Min-ho tries to get rid of Alex but Alex chokes Ae-ran and Min-ho even more and feels catharsis. The game they started is turning into a catastrophe...
장모의 유혹 장모의 유혹 (2018) Character: N/A
Han-yong, who graduated from a prestigious university, was promoted to the youngest manager of a large corporation. However, at a drinking party with her old friend Moo-hyuk, Han-yong can't drink comfortably and notices. When Moo-hyuk asked the reason, he was struggling with her attitude of wanting to marry her girlfriend Ji-hye, who has been dating her for 6 years, but not showing her parents. That night, Han-yong received a promotion congratulations from Ji-hye and asked for a marriage ceremony with the words that she now wants to get married in a stable manner. she does And just looking at the approaching meeting, she falls in love with Yeon-ji, who has a different charm from Han-yong, who is embarrassed to meet her mother-in-law, Yeon-ji, who is her own age. will increase And one day on a business trip, when her drunk mother-in-law suddenly visits her, what will Han-yong do when the provocative dash of her mother-in-law?
엄마 애인 2 엄마 애인 2 (2019) Character: Sook-jin
Yoon-jeong goes home to her mother to introduce her to her boyfriend who she promised to marry. Her mother likes Seong-tae and that he's a pharamacist. Sook-jin prepares a feast for her daughter and future son-in-law. They have a good time until Sook-jin's boyfriend Jong-pil joins them. Yoon-jung is shocked to see Jong-pil...
알바생들 알바생들 (2016) Character: N/A
Kyungmin, a popular writer and columnist who used to be a fat woman in the past. Taejin, Jae-wook, In-seop, and Jung-jin are the four alumni who appeared in front of her. Now, they had their own eyes, who had become like uncles, but there was a separate thing ... The BAR's Albasin index and Eunjung, run by Kyungmin. Their dangerous bet against them begins.
내 친구의 엄마 내 친구의 엄마 (2016) Character: Sun-ae
After her mother dies, Young-jae visits her older sister's house, who took care of herself like her, and reunites with her sister, Soon-ae. She is incredibly greedy and charming. With the provocation of Soon-ae, the two develop into a secret relationship. One day when she was having a hot night with her mature lead, her daughter got stuck between the two ... A young and sexy daughter, a seasoned and mature mother, and a man wandering between mother and daughter. An unprecedented triangular romance between the three begins.
모텔 모텔 (2015) Character: N/A
There is a motel in the countryside. Chang-soo and Eun-yeong are the married couple that own it. They are so affectionate for each other after all these years of marriage. Chang-soo is unable to perform sexual activities but that doesn't stop them from being dearly to each other. They set up cameras in every room of the motel and watch it together. Eun-yeong quenches her thirst for sex this way as she got married to Chang-soo at an age when she didn't know men. But Eun-yeong starts to change. Something happens one day when a male guest comes to the motel and Chang-soo gets rough...
형님아내3 - 아랫집 부인 형님아내3 - 아랫집 부인 (2017) Character: [Sang-hyeon's Older Sister]
My sister and I moved into a new house. We didn't do much but the woman downstairs came up to ask us to keep it down. She said she was sensitive so we decided to keep it down. Her gangster husband would beat her when he came home drunk. Every time I heard her suffer from the beatings, I couldn't stand it and would stomp the floor to create a distraction. She would come up telling us to be quiet. I told her I did it intentionally. I also decided to do something about the woman who showed interest in me by memorizing my number.
기러기 아빠 : 20대 섹스 파트너들 기러기 아빠 : 20대 섹스 파트너들 (2020) Character: Mi-na
Joon-gi who sends her wife and children to study abroad lives alone. But one day, he was surprised to find someone who came into his house, Mi-na. As it turns out, he got into a real estate fraud... Situation had been tight and it made her stay at home for a while. Meanwhile, her stepdaughter, Yoo-kyeong, who lives in a different house also comes home. She promises not to tell her mom that her stepfather is living with a younger woman. However, when she accidentally found her stepfather and Mi-na having sex, she feels a strange excitement...
미인도 미인도 (2008) Character: Dano [5th lunar day] gisaeng 4
Born to a family of established court painters, seven-year-old Yoon-jeong is a young girl gifted at painting. However, the pressure is on her brother to carry on the proud family tradition, as women aren’t allowed to become professional painters. While her brother trains to take his place in the court, Yoon-jeong helps him out by secretly painting for him. The little girl’s life is turned upside down when her brother kills himself. In order to preserve the family honor, she is forced to take her brother’s name and lives as a man. Yun-bok’s genius and talent captures the heart of another great master of the time, Kim Hong-do. But her daring depictions of women are condemned by the royal institute as obscene. Yun-bok meets Kang-mu and falls deeply in love. For the first time, she feels the strong desire to abandon everything she has built and simply be a woman in front of the man she loves. Kang-moo sacrifices all for his love as well.
젊은 엄마 젊은 엄마 (2013) Character: Joo-hee
Nineteen-year-old, Jin-goo enjoys an erotic moment to himself while thinking about his pretty English tutor. Then one day, he is caught in the middle of an embarrassing moment and becomes awkward with her. However, this becomes an opportunity and she starts teaching him sex. Their replationship becomes an uncontrollable romance. However, she quits the tutoring and the relationship to get married. Time goes on and Jin-goo is a grown up. He's used to thoughtless sex. However, his partner of benefit gets pregnant so he meets his future-mother-in-law to talk about marriage. However, she's so beautiful and sexy. He moves in with the in-laws but soon breaks out of the marrige due to his wife's fling. The mother-in-law doesn't know how to make it up to him for what her daughter has done. Jin-goo suggests something dangerous...
딸의 애인 3 딸의 애인 3 (2019) Character: N/A
Mi-seon loves her family, but she loves having sex with younger men. One day, she hears her sex partner, Jeong-woo, has a brother and she feels more attracted to the younger man. Mi-seon goes to Jeong-woo's house and tries to seduce his brother when he's alone. However, her new sex partner is her daughter's boyfriend.
섹스 인 더 게임 섹스 인 더 게임 (2018) Character: N/A
Kyung-name lives with an old flame, but is crushing on the model next door. One day he wakes up cuffed and the only way out is by sleeping with the other people trapped with him.
친구엄마 그리고 정사 - 무삭제판 친구엄마 그리고 정사 - 무삭제판 (2019) Character: N/A
Eun-ju and Min-jun ride a thumb. One day, Eun-joo's house came to Eun-joo to come home to introduce her stepmother. The happy stepmother welcomes Hwaran, a former lover. Eun-ju seduces Min-joon, saying that he missed the frenzy of flowing awkward atmosphere without coming home. Eunjoo's phone called the front of the house while feeling each other's old feelings and sharing love affairs.
스와핑 : 친구의 아내2 스와핑 : 친구의 아내2 (2018) Character: N/A
A man's business fails and he's chased by loan sharks. He moves in with his best friend. His best friend's wife can't conceive, so the man sleeps with his wife to help her conceive.
무방비 도시 무방비 도시 (2008) Character: Massage Girl
Jo Dae-yeong is a police officer investigating a pickpocket ring with ties to the Yakuza. One day he rescues Baek Jang-mi from danger, only to discover that she is the boss of the gang he has been tracking.
친구 엄마들 2 친구 엄마들 2 (2020) Character: N/A
Junho and Jungkook are friends. They each live with their mother. One day, Jun-ho goes to his friend's home to meet Jung-kook's mother Mi-jeong. However, she falls in love at first sight with her younger and more beautiful figure. Mi-ho, who has lived alone without her husband, falls in love with Junho. Meanwhile, Jungkook is going to have a wild conversation with Junho's stepmom Yujeong whom he met with a chat application and feel her actually...
누나의 비디오 누나의 비디오 (2019) Character: N/A
Se-dol (Young-ho), who goes to the video room, wants to watch a dirty movie, but hesitates every time he notices it. Lisa, who enjoyed traveling in Korea, misunderstood the blind date, went into the video room, misunderstood as a helper, and lost her embarrassing first experience. Hae-soo learns that Sedol, who leaves the video room to go to a part-time job at dawn, is on the verge of joining the army. Three years have passed since then. After being discharged, an unexpected visitor comes to Sedol, who was preparing for the national notice. A childhood friend who called each other Sedol and Simsun. After discovering each other's hearts that were their first love, Se-dol and Sim-sun spend an exciting night, Hae-su, who had a formal relationship with Se-dol, discovers the entangled relationship between the two, and then sinks.
맛 2016: 삼시색끼 맛 2016: 삼시색끼 (2016) Character: Marshall
Yong-hwa (Sang-woo), Marshall (Lee Eun-mi-I), Ddeok-bae (Do Mo-se) and Bang-wool (Park Joo-bin) steal from Chairman Kang and hide out in a pension in the country. They depend on each other and enjoy every day until Ddeok-bae accidentally loses their bag of money and Bang-wool falls ill. Chairman Kang is closing in on them and the four of them use their specific 'techniques' to start a 12 hour adult program. Will they succeed?
식객: 김치전쟁 식객: 김치전쟁 (2010) Character: Sweet potato pretty girl
"Le Grand Chef 2" begins with the Korean president visiting the Japanese Prime Minister and becoming involved in a heated debate over the origins of kimchi. The Japanese Prime Minister makes the bold claim that kimchi is an original Japanese dish which sets off the Korean president. Upon the Korean's president return home he sets upon a globalization plan for kimchi, which includes a nationwide "Kimchi Contest". Then, a lady named Jang-eun (Kim Jung-Eun) and her step-brother Sung-Chan (Jin Goo) compete in the Kimchi dish contest, with both siblings using their mother's kimchi recipe.
어린이모 어린이모 (2018) Character: N/A
Jung-hoon manages to get into a university in the outskirst of the city after years of trying, but he can't find a place to stay so he stays at his aunt's house. Ji-hyun runs a shopping mall with her friend Eun-young. Jung-hoon arrives at Ji-hyun's house with just an address and runs into Eun-young who happens to be completely naked.
초대녀 초대녀 (2018) Character: N/A
Eun-mi and her husband have been married for 5 years, but they rarley have sex. Eun-mi goes through her SNS one late night and finds a post about 'invitation girls'. After thinking about it for a few days, she signs up for it and gets invited by Hyun-ji and her husband for a new and stimulating experience. Eun-mi shared her experience with her husband and 'swaps' with Hyun-ji and her husband....
형님 아내 형님 아내 (2016) Character: N/A
I had a pension near Seoul. My husband who was in fashion traveled alot. The furnace had been fixed but that only lasted a day. The repairman was rude so there was a fight. My husband is away but the furnace is broken again. I called the headquarters to send another repairman but the rude one came back. We were arguing about the bill when the repairman forced himself onto me at the table.
이웃동서 이웃동서 (2016) Character: Eun-ji
Eun-ji and Seung-ho, Seong-sik and Joo-ran move into a neighborhood at similar times. Eun-ji is lonely because of her husband's frequent late-nights and Seong-sik takes care of the house while his wife works. One day, Seong-sik goes over to Eun-ji's house to return a package but end up drinking wine with her. Seong-sik drunkenly kisses Eun-ji and the two spend a night in each others' arms. They continue to meet secretly like that and one day lie to their husband and wife and leave on a trip together. However, Seong-sik returns home because his pipes have burst and Eun-ji witnesses her husband and the woman next door, Joo-ran in bed together. A few months later, Seong-sik, Eun-ji, Seung-ho and Joo-ran run into each other but with different partners... Are you living with the one you love?
장모님들의 사랑 장모님들의 사랑 (2020) Character: N/A
With a strong, mature beauty and a sexy body line. Chang-gyun, who was obsessed with BJ tarantula’s broadcast. That her mother-in-law might be a tarantula. You find a surprising fact. Now Changgyun breaks the taboo. To realize one's hidden desires. Make a covert plan.
여기 어때? 빈방있나요 여기 어때? 빈방있나요 (2019) Character: Soo-jin (수진)
Sujin, who opened the guest house, will be introduced to Alba Saint Deokho and will start operating as a full-scale accommodation facility. As a first guest, a secret celebrity manager couple came in and the purpose of this couple's trip was parting. The woman leaves and the man stays in the house, beginning the second act as an employee. Meanwhile, a lesbian couple comes in as the second guest, but the men do not let them go but plan and execute somehow to flirt. Meanwhile, as a third guest, a freshman from a nearby university enters the boarding house, and a muscular male student, a senior of a college student, starts living together in this house. The hostess, starving for sexual desire, sees the male body's nasty body and can't stand it and stops him.
동호회의 목적 2 동호회의 목적 2 (2019) Character: N/A
Yoon-hee, Hye-kyeong, In-chang and Sang-joon get together for the first time in a while one winter. The men pay more attention to the girls than snowboarding. After a day of fun-filled snowboarding, the four of them drink all night. In-chang and Sang-joon give the women tips on the sport, and everything is well. The beer runs out, and Sang-joon and Yoon-hee head to the store together, while In-chang and Hye-kyeong stay behind. Led by lust, they start creeping up on each other.
헬머니 헬머니 (2015) Character: Bus mocking passenger 2
A national cussing battle audition is the nation's hype. People from all over the country audition in becoming the "Cussing King." However, redundant cussing auditioners cause viewership to drop dramatically. The producer decides to revive the show by introducing a regular looking grandmother...
새아들 새아들 (2020) Character: N/A
Crystal remarried to husband with son. She's just a little bit different. She's trying to get along with her son Sewoong, he doesn't easily open his mind. One day, Se-woong and Dad's friend witnessed the cheating scene. After that day, whenever she sees a crystal that is lonely without her husband, it's starting to look like a woman...
이은미-가슴큰누나 이은미-가슴큰누나 (2020) Character: N/A
Lee Eun-mi has been loved for a long time as an actress! Finally, a work has come to show her the hidden charms! Actor and actress Lee Eun-mi, a real actor loved by people who is active in various films and asmr youtubers, is a true story of the actors and the realistic stories she thinks. It comes close to the people! Also, she looks back at the best scenes she selects, and even the behind-the-scenes story behind them is a special interview for Eun-mi Lee, the'big breasts'!
여고생 시집가기 여고생 시집가기 (2004) Character: school nurse
The story begins with the tale of a classic Korean story of romance about a princess named Pyun-gang whose husband, On-dal dies. Then we flash forward to a mother who has brought her haunted daughter (also named Pyun-gang) to a psychic, who informs her that her daughter is haunted by the ghost of the princess . He then goes on to say that the girl must marry her On-dal by her 16 birthday and produce a child within a year otherwise she will die. The family treats it skeptically until years later, Pyun-gang has several near-death experiences and is immediately spooked, convinced she is going to die. As luck would have it, soon thereafter, a new transfer student joins Pyun-gang's class. His name is On-dal, and he's intelligent, handsome and rich which really doesn't make the prospect of high school marriage such a tough deal for Pyun-gang, what with her impending death and all.
사내정사: 은밀한 회의실 사내정사: 은밀한 회의실 (2020) Character: N/A
Ji-hyuk, who succeeded in finding a job with difficulty, from the first day at work faces a crisis in the elevator where he is sexually harassed. Glamourous team leader is trying to catch Ji-hyuk's weakness.
감출 수 없는 본능: 몰카 감출 수 없는 본능: 몰카 (2016) Character: Ji-soo's mom
Ordinary housewife Ji-soo's (Lee Sun-joo) dream is to be loved by her husband. Her husband Tae-joo (Park Jeong-hwan) is a rough debt collector who is unhappy about his sex life with his wife. Gangster Chang-soo (Jang Yong-seok) who makes videos from motels using a hidden camera under Detective Kang (Yeo Hyeon-soo) who commits corruption, borrows money from Tae-joo to gamble with but can't pay him back in time. Ji-soo finds out she's pregnant and is glad she can finally earn some love from her husband but she discovers a video of her husband cheating in the car blackbox. She calms down and comes home early one day to find her husband cheating on her. However, the woman who is sleeping with her husband turns out to be her own mother (Lee Eun-mi-I). Ji-soo plans to take revenge and there is a man who is watching her in secret...
연애 : 엄마 친구 연애 : 엄마 친구 (2018) Character: N/A
Jung-sik and Dae-soo are twenty-year-old students. They haven't yet had their first time and all they talk about is sex. Since they are unable to seal the deal, they watch porn instead. One day, Min-jung, Jung-sik's mother's friend, moves in with them to stay until her divorce settles. She will make dreams come true.
외도2 외도2 (2020) Character: N/A
Couple Soo-ji and Sang-min, who once lived next door, and Soo-yeon who experienced having an affair, spends a moment of confusion due to Soo-ji's sudden death, and now lives a normal life with her husband Dong-seok. Then one day, Dong-seok gets into a parking dispute with Mi-ran, a newly-married couple who moved next door, and Soo-yeon is embarrassed to learn that Mi-ran is the female junior who once had lesbian tendencies towards her in college. Two couples living next door and getting close. Unlike before, Mi-ran has become a lawyer and ignores Soo-yeon. Soo-yeon gets angry. Meanwhile, Soo-yeon found out that Mi-ran's husband, Seok-ho, is a stay at home husband, and Soo-yeon who is in the same situation is attracted to him.
장모의유혹 장모의유혹 (2019) Character: N/A
After graduating from the prestigious college, the youngest conglomerate is promoted to a handsome appearance. However, at the drinking place with his old friend, Moo-Hyuk, Han-Yong notices a drink without hesitation. As if frustrated, Moo-hyeok asked why he wanted to marry his six-year-old girlfriend, Wisdom, but was struggling with her attitude of not showing her parents. That night, Han Yong received a promotion from Wisdom and asked for a complimentary ceremony, saying that she wants to get married stably now. . And even if you look at the place of Sang-yeon, you'll find Yeon-ji, the eldest daughter of her own age. Will increase. And one day, on a business trip of wisdom, what will Han Yong choose for a sudden visit by a drunken mother-in-law?
어린 형수 2 어린 형수 2 (2017) Character: Kyeong-hee
Won-jin is sent into a nearby region suddenly by the company. He is unprepared when he goes down so he calls his friend Chang-hoon who lives there. Chang-hoon lets Won-jin stay at his house for the time being but Won-jin gets to thinking. The reason is, Chang-hoon's young wife Soo-yeong has a history with Won-jin. However, Won-jin decides to go to Chang-hoon's house to see Soo-yeong. Chang-hoon just happens to leave the house for a while and Won-jin meets Soo-yeong's glamorous friend Kyeong-hee who is also living there. Won-jin starts living with Soo-yeong and Kyeong-hee who starts seducing him.
전망 좋은 집 2 전망 좋은 집 2 (2015) Character: [Friend 2]
The marriage of Yin Nan and Mei Ai has lasted for eight years. The passion and romance at the beginning have already been exhausted by the world. Yin Nan has nothing to do at home all day, waiting for the beauty to make money and come back to raise him. This makes Mei Ai feel very angry. The dual pressures of work and life have made Meiai start to look for excitement in other men. By going to bed with a strange man, Mei love seems to be able to vent a little dissatisfaction with the world. Over time, this has become her habit. Next to Yin Nan’s family, a beautiful woman named Yi Yin was moved. Yi Yin discovered that her boyfriend, who had been with her for many years, actually stole himself and succumbed to his life. By chance, Yin Nan and Yi Yin met, and the two lonely hearts quickly approached. Mei Ai found that Yin Nan’s attitude towards himself was a lot colder, and he began to want to study the reasons behind it.
맛 맛 (2014) Character: Avante
One man and five women?! Chic, innocent, sexy, tough and mysterious, take your pick. Myeong-tae was a hot shot in a stock firm who had everything from looks to a hot body but was fired for a mistake he made and is neglected by his hot shot wife. The women in the neighborhood who are always at home for different reasons, start looking out for him.
엄마의 유혹 엄마의 유혹 (2018) Character: N/A
Jung-sik helps out a friend and finds himself attracted to his friend's mother. After being caught steeling the mother's underwear, he becomes the victim of the mother's seduction.
엄마친구 2020 엄마친구 2020 (2020) Character: N/A
Tae-hee, can't live without her dead husband, and is living alone without being remarried. Her neighborhood friends, Yeong-ju and Cheol-min still feels sorry for her. However, Yeong-ju's son, Min-ho, secretly takes pictures of Tae-hee, admiring her. One day, Tae-hee and Yeong-ju goes to the grocery when she heads back home, after forgetting her cellphone in Yeong-ju's house. Just in time, Min-ho comes out of the shower and hugs Tae-hee...
엄마애인2 엄마애인2 (2019) Character: N/A
Yun Jeong goes down to her mother's home to introduce her boyfriend Sungtae, who promised to marry. My mom, who has seen her daughter 's love, likes the word "pharmacist". The stomach makes a big dinner for the daughter and the preacher. I spend a good time eating dinner, the doorbell rings and the lover's lover, Zhongpil, joins together.
만화방 만화방 (2012) Character: Goo-ja
Wannabe actress So-ra always fails in auditions and she doesn't think it's her acting that's failing her, but she's just unlucky and that there's something wrong with the directors. One day on the way back from a disappointing audition, she meets Seung-hyeon, a guy she used to act with. He invites her to the site where he is filming a movie and she is surprised by his acting skills. Coincidentally, So-ra gets to fill in for an actress who didn't show up and the filming becomes a disaster because of her acting...
P.S. 걸 P.S. 걸 (2016) Character: Candy
Eun-joo dreams of being a plastic surgery specialist while she works as a nurse. At night, she has a job as Nabi, having sex on the phone to come up with money for her dad's medical bills. La Belle's madam Big Mama pays her girls in advance and forces them to do sexual activities like body cams while she rips them off their money. At La Belle are Candy, Cherry, Eunmi and other girls with stories but have sex on the phone with men. Meanwhile, Joon-ho, Eun-joo's hospital director starts showing interest in Eun-joo who looks like his dead wife and they develop a romantic relationship. However, Eun-joo doesn't open up to him so he starts to feel disappointed. Joon-ho starts getting obssessed with her the more she pushes away from him until one day he sees her going to her night job.
이모의 유혹 2 이모의 유혹 2 (2019) Character: N/A
Se-min lives alone. He was having a good time with his girlfriend, Mi-ho, when they suddenly feel someone's eyes on them and turn around to see a woman looking at them with a blank face. It turns out the woman is Se-min's mother's friend, Ji-hye. She's packed up her things from abroad and moved back to Korea very suddenly. She'd called her childhood friend, Se-min's mother, and they decided she would live with Se-min for 3 days. Mi-ho is angry about Ji-hye. She tells Se-min to make her leave, but he can't do that and Mi-ho leaves angrily. Se-min and Ji-hye are living together for 3 days. Ji-hye comforts Se-min with some drinks, but he blacks out, only to wake up the next day and retrace his memory to the hot night they had.
아내의 애인을 만나다 아내의 애인을 만나다 (2007) Character: Cafe Girl
A mild-mannered stamp maker searches for the man who slept with his wife. Disguised as a customer, he approaches the man.
구세주 구세주 (2006) Character: N/A
Eun-joo falls for playboy Jung-hwan after he rescues her from drowning, and vows to make him her man. One thing leads to another, and they had a one night stand. Several years later, Jung-hwan is still living the high life while Eun-joo is working as a prosecutor. When they eventually cross paths, she reveals that he's the father of her twins, and tries to make him grow up and take responsibility.
스와핑 : 완벽한 이웃 스와핑 : 완벽한 이웃 (2019) Character: N/A
Couple Jin-goo and Joo-hee have been experiencing a lover's slump after their marriage. Meanwhile, a new couple in the neighborhood, Hyun-jin and Yoo-jeong came to the other couple's house to introduce themselves. They're attracted with each other's husbands and wives, and in the end, crosses the line that is not supposed to be crossed within neighbors. After that day, two couples' passion intensifies...
야누스: 욕망의 두 얼굴 야누스: 욕망의 두 얼굴 (2014) Character: Woo-kyeong
Department of Dance student Da-hee (Oh In-hye) is a born solo who has never had a boyfriend before. However, she has nightmares every night. She dreams about violent sex every night. What she would never ever imagine even in her dreams is bothering her in reality and she cannot share this with anyone. In addition, the new performance projector is her long-time crush, professor and Woo-kyeong’s husband Gong-woo (Chris Jo) and it’s making her suffer. In the end, Da-hee goes through therapy and finds out she’s suffering from a trauma she’s had when she was a kid. Then she stumbles upon Myeong-joong, a Tantra yoga instructor online...
미녀전쟁 미녀전쟁 (2013) Character: N/A
High school friends Joo-yeon, So-jin, Hyeon-mi and Seon-hee have been close since they were young but don’t pour their hearts out to each other. Joo-yeon is an office girl, So-jin has been taking the bar exam for 4 years, Hyeon-mi was born to be solo and Seon-hee who is out of reach one day receive a picture of a rose and get together for the first time in a while. They say the plates break when three girls gather at once. Seon-hee isn’t there yet but Joo-yeon, So-jin and Hyeon-mi released the vanity they’d kept inside for so long.
사촌누나와 동거 사촌누나와 동거 (2017) Character: N/A
Hyun-woo, an engineering student, and Ji-yoon, an aspiring writer, have been close friends since childhood. They begin to grow closer as adults and have a sudden realization that their relationship has changed.
초대녀 2 초대녀 2 (2019) Character: N/A
A man prepares a surprise for his wife on their 5-year-anniversary. One day, a couple, a man in the middle of a divorce and his mistress, come to visit. An entangled romantic web ensues.
옹녀뎐 옹녀뎐 (2014) Character: Woman 2 - Cameo
Ong-nye had a world of men wrapped around her finger, until, one day, a horrific injury leaves her handicapped, and she retreats to the mountains. But one man may break her loneliness.
젊은엄마 5 젊은엄마 5 (2020) Character: N/A
Ji-suk, a wealthy mother, wants to send her son, Se-hyuk, to the medical school. While looking for a competent private education coordination, Although it succeeded in recruiting a high-ranking entrance exam coordinator,'Starring', which only a few elite students selected. After hearing the rumors,'Namjae,' the father of Euntae, a high school examinee next door, hears rumors and comes to contact the main character. Like this, the parents of Se-hyeok and Eun-tae's neighbors 'Starring', who was in a difficult situation after entering a strange competition Eventually, I would share the day of the week to go to both houses to teach Se-hyuk and Eun-tae. Although they will agree with the two families, Eun Tae, who is a senior high school student, is in medical school. Not interested and only busy with high school girlfriends Se-hyuk starts talking to a beautiful tutor, starring than the entrance exam.
외도 외도 (2016) Character: Soo-yeon (수연)
The more stealthily you do, the more you are drawn into… Soo-yeon lives a dull and boring life daily because her husband is always busy with work and goes fishing when he is not working. One day, Soo-ji, one of her high school friends moves to the house next door. When Soo-yeon happens to watch sneakily Soo-ji and her husband Sang-min having sex, her desire becomes so strong that she becomes to have hard time trying to suppress it. Soo-yeon ends up having passionate sex with Sang-min one day when Soo-ji is away on a business trip. That night, as Soo-ji spots Soo-yeon and her husband getting out of a car together and her husband being sweet with her, Soo-ji becomes suspicious of an appropriate relationship between the two. Next day, when Soo-ji asks Soo-yeon to meet her outside, Soo-yeon reveals a shocking story to her.
사위 사랑은 장모 사위 사랑은 장모 (2020) Character: Mi-yeon
Mi-yeon sends her husband away and has been living by herself for 10 years. His divorced son-in-law, Hyun-seong, frequently visits her at home. One day, as they were drinking together, Hyung-seong falls asleep and dreams of making love with her mother-in-law. The next day, he calls his friend Jun-tae. However, his friend is having a wonderful time with his lover, so his loneliness only goes further. When he found himself going back to Mi-yeon’s house again, he told her his dream and Mi-yeon wants to make that dream a reality.
돈 맛 돈 맛 (2016) Character: N/A
The story begins when a wife who has been living with her disabled husband steals money from his bank account as she is blinded by greed and desire.
자매의 정사 자매의 정사 (2019) Character: N/A
Yoon Sang comes to the villa to avoid his remarried father. However, the father arranges a vacation home for his son's preference as a villa and sends it down to take care of the guests to Mi-ran, his stepmother, who is uncomfortable with Yun Sang. Jane, the general manager, is recognized by the company for her excellent work skills. She is always harassed by Jane. She enjoys the secret life of two sisters as she spends the night with Jane due to a car breakdown on a business trip.

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