Jackie Chan

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(70 years old)

Place of Birth

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Also Known As
  • 成龙
  • 成龍
  • 陈港生
  • 房仕龙
  • جاكي شان
  • 성룡
  • ジャッキー・チェン
  • เฉินหลง
  • Džekijs Čans
  • Κονγκ-Σανγκ Τσαν
  • Τζάκι Τσαν
  • Yuen Lo No
  • Thành Long
  • Yuen Lung Chen
  • Jackie Chan Kong-Sang
  • جکی چان
  • 元楼

Jackie Chan


Jackie Chan (Chinese: 成龍; born 7 April 1954), Chan Kong-sang, is a Hong Kong actor, action choreographer, filmmaker, comedian, producer, martial artist, screenwriter, entrepreneur, singer and stunt performer. In his movies, he is known for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, use of improvised weapons, and innovative stunts. Jackie Chan has been acting since the 1970s and has appeared in over 100 films. Chan has received stars on the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As a cultural icon, Chan has been referenced in various pop songs, cartoons, and video games. Chan is also a Cantopop and Mandopop star, having released a number of albums and sung many of the theme songs for the films in which he has starred. Chan was born on April 7, 1954, in Victoria Peak, in the former Crown colony of Hong Kong, as Chan Kong-sang (meaning "born in Hong Kong") to Charles and Lee-Lee Chan, refugees from the Chinese Civil War. He was nicknamed Paopao (Chinese: 炮炮, literally meaning "Cannonball") because he was such a big baby, weighing 12 pounds, or about 5.4 kgs. Since his parents worked for the French Consul to Hong Kong, Chan spent his formative years within the grounds of the consul's residence in the Victoria Peak district. Chan attended the Nah-Hwa Primary School on Hong Kong Island, where he failed his first year, after which his parents withdrew him from the school. In 1960, his father immigrated to Canberra, Australia, to work as the head cook for the American embassy, and Chan was sent to the China Drama Academy, a Peking Opera School run by Master Yu Jim-yuen. Chan trained rigorously for the next decade, excelling in martial arts and acrobatics. He eventually became part of the Seven Little Fortunes, a performance group made up of the school's best students, gaining the stage name Yuen Lo in homage to his master. Chan became close friends with fellow group members Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao, the three of them later to be known as the Three Brothers or Three Dragons. At the age of 17, he worked as a stuntman in the Bruce Lee films Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon under the stage name Chan Yuen Lung. He received his first starring role later that year, in Little Tiger of Canton, which had a limited release in Hong Kong in 1973.


WildAid: Jackie Chan & Pangolins WildAid: Jackie Chan & Pangolins (2017) Character: Kung Fu Instructor
Pangolins are an endangered species on planet earth. Jackie Chan teaches them Kung Fu skills so they can fight off the poachers.
天下无敌 天下无敌 (1996) Character: 阿龙
The setting is Hong Kong and the hero of the film is Jackie Chan. This documentary chronicles the life and entertainment career of the star of Hong Kong action films. Archival photographs and the personal recollections of family and friends paint a portrait of the private life of the film star. Clips from movies, such as Top Fighter and Rush Hour, as well as the television series Jackie Chan's Adventures show the martial artist's prowess and skill. Interviews with Chanand his colleagues give viewers an inside look at how some of the stunts are set up and carried out, as they put the action in action films.
世博總動員: 世博冠軍湖絲仔 世博總動員: 世博冠軍湖絲仔 (2010) Character: Xu Rongcun [voice]
an ambitious little boy who stumbles into a magical world filled with fun, laughter, adventure, danger, and the most amazing and colorful characters you've ever seen. Along his journey, Silk Boy discovers the history of his country and becomes a hero by fighting against the evil Filthington IV who will stop at nothing to obtain all of the riches of the world, especially the control of the rarest silk on earth made by the beautiful Goddess of Silk.
Jackie Chan Adventures: The Search for the Talismans Jackie Chan Adventures: The Search for the Talismans (2001) Character: N/A
Amateur archeologist, undercover agent and world-famous action hero Jackie Chan has his hands full when his 11-year-old niece Jade -- who's a chip off the old block -- arrives in San Francisco to live with her uncle. Meanwhile, Jackie's accidental discovery of a coveted ancient Chinese talisman has an evil criminal enterprise known as the Dark Hand, led by the villainous Valmont, chasing after him.
追風 追風 (2007) Character: Self
Of the many unrealized projects Yang developed in the wake of Yi Yi, the one that came the closest to fruition was an ambitious animated martial arts movie inspired by his lifelong love of graphic novels and his friendship with Jackie Chan. Though production on The Wind was halted after Yang’s death, this brief assembly of completed scenes offers a glimpse of what might have been. Courtesy of the Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute. – Film at Lincoln Center
兩湖十八鏢(上集) 兩湖十八鏢(上集) (1966) Character: Seven Little Tigers
The Eighteen Darts (Part 1) is a Chinese Opera Musical starring Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao in child roles.
兩湖十八鏢(下集) 兩湖十八鏢(下集) (1966) Character: Seven Little Tigers
The Eighteen Darts (Part 2) is a Chinese Opera Musical starring Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao in child roles.
大小黄天霸 大小黄天霸 (1962) Character: Kid (as Yuen Lau)
A child learns martial arts in order to become a Kung Fu warrior. Features the Seven Little Fortunes, and is the debut film of Jackie Chan.
Long she xia ying Long she xia ying (1977) Character: [unconfirmed Cameo]
When the three most feared fighters in the land are defeated by The First Family and leader Chen Tien Wei is elected Chief of the Martial World, the treachery that follows will find the noble leader attempting to uncover the traitor that has poisoned the clan from the inside in a dazzling martial arts epic from Chen Chi Hua. "Militant Dragon and Tiger," "Devil Stars," and "Three Horrid Mice" have tormented the countryside for far too long. Upon their defeat at the hands of the First Family, Wei is elected Chief of the Martial World by the grateful population of the Chinese countryside. His house subsequently beset upon by a malevolent band of anonymous fighters and vengeful wizards who seek to destabilize Wei's reign, Wei must now seek out the betrayer who lurks in his midst and restore his honor before his rule collapses under the weight of disloyalty
Fire Dragon Fire Dragon (1983) Character: Sammy
A Team of Prisoners, famous thieves and great fighters are assembled by a shadowy government agency to steal a top-secret file. Their destination the island of the Women Warriors! Suddenly, they find themselves in a deadly trap-if they succeed with their mission. Will they uncover an even bigger secret? Prime-time Jackie!
Traces of a Dragon: Jackie Chan & His Lost Family Traces of a Dragon: Jackie Chan & His Lost Family (2003) Character: Jackie Chan
A surprising look at the past of movie star Jackie Chan and the difficulties of Chinese families during the Culture Revolution.
Jackie Chan: Fast, Funny and Furious Jackie Chan: Fast, Funny and Furious (2002) Character: Self (archive footage)
Not since the great Bruce Lee has a Chinese martial artist taken Hollywood by storm. Leaping out of dire poverty and obscurity, Jackie Chan has become the sensational international superstar of mayhem and merriment! This presentation of Chan's career covers his work with the legendary Bruce Lee, his struggle against typecasting in the Bruce Lee mold, and the resounding success of his breakthrough movies mixing amazing acrobatic artistry with brilliant comic ability.
The Art of Action: Martial Arts in the Movies The Art of Action: Martial Arts in the Movies (2002) Character: Self - Interviewee
Hosted by Samuel L. Jackson, this in-depth documentary offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the history of the martial arts film -- from the genre's rebellious beginnings to high-flying modern epics. Jackson takes you through the best moments of 100 movies, including Charlie's Angels and Oscar winner Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Interviews with martial arts film veterans Sammo Hung, John Woo and Ang Lee round out the video.
Bruce Lee: In His Own Words Bruce Lee: In His Own Words (1998) Character: Self (archive footage)
A collection of old interviews with Bruce Lee show us his beliefs, thoughts on fighting and what martial arts means to him.
Masters of the Martial Arts Presented by Wesley Snipes Masters of the Martial Arts Presented by Wesley Snipes (1998) Character: Self
Special honoring the grand masters of the martial arts with guest stars from film and television, music performances, live demonstrations, competitions and tributes to Jackie Chan, Bennie "The Jet" Urquidez, Cynthia Rothrock, Billy Blanks, Ernie Reyes Sr., and Shaka Zulu.
Bruce Lee and Kung Fu Mania Bruce Lee and Kung Fu Mania (1992) Character: (archive footage)
BRUCE LEE AND KUNG FU MANIA With action highlights from more than thirty of the greatest martial arts movies, this kung fu-fighting, karate-kicking compilation features the real Bruce Lee and his many clones plus Chuck Norris, Jim Kelly, and more. Here’s Bruce backing up The Green Hornet as Kato, battling Norris in Return of the Dragon, and making his last complete film, Enter the Dragon, plus the secrets of his mysterious death in Bruce Lee...His Last Days. You’ll also see Lo Lieh challenge Lee Van Cleef in The Stranger and the Gunfighter, Bruce Li carrying on the tradition with The Three Avengers, and Tae Kwon Do Grand Master Jhoon Ree in The Tattooed Dragon.
The Life of Bruce Lee The Life of Bruce Lee (1994) Character: Self - Actor
Documentary about martial arts actor Bruce Lee, from his birth in 1940 till his death in 1973, with interviews with his fellow actors and family. Dedicated to his son, Brandon.
Bruce Lee: The Legend Lives On Bruce Lee: The Legend Lives On (1999) Character: Self (uncredited)
This insightful documentary takes an in-depth look at the life of Bruce Lee, and the physical and mental practices he employed on his way to becoming the most popular martial arts star in the world. Utilizing footage of Lee both practicing and teaching Jeet Kune Do, as well as interview footage with the people who both knew and worked with Lee--including James Coburn, Bob Wall, Van Williams, Brandon Lee, and more--THE LEGEND LIVES ON is a comprehensive examination and celebration of a true artist.
我們的那時.此刻 我們的那時.此刻 (2016) Character: Himself
In 2013, the Golden Horse Film Festival celebrated its 50th anniversary. The ministry of Culture commissioned director Yang Li-chou to make a documentary about the history of Golden Horse. What is unique to this film is that it's not an ode to celebrities but about the role cinema plays in ordinary people's lives. It's a love letter to cinema, filmmakers and audiences.
Jackie Chan - Invincible Fighter Jackie Chan - Invincible Fighter (1985) Character: Himself (archive footage)
Invincible Fighter is a documentary on Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan - The Kung Fu Years Jackie Chan - The Kung Fu Years (2000) Character: Himself (archive footage)
Jackie Chan - The Kung Fu Years is a documentary produced by video label Eastern Heroes
Jackie Chan - From Stuntman to Superstar Jackie Chan - From Stuntman to Superstar (1996) Character: Self
Jackie Chan - From Stuntman to Superstar is a documentary on Jackie Chan.
Face to Face Face to Face (1997) Character: Self (archive footage)
US-Documentary on Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee
Eastern Heroes: The Video Magazine - Volume 1 Eastern Heroes: The Video Magazine - Volume 1 (1995) Character: Himself
Eastern Heroes: The Video Magazine - Volume 1 is a Documentary on Hong Kong cinema.
Jackie Chan's Global Friendship Tour Jackie Chan's Global Friendship Tour (2006) Character: Himself
Jackie Chan's Global Friendship Tour is a Jackie Chan Documentary
A Century of Light and Shadow A Century of Light and Shadow (2005) Character: Himself
Revisit 100 years of Chinese cinema through the RTHK TV program A Century of Light and Shadow. Aired in 2005, this interesting and informative documentary traces the development of the Chinese film industry from the pioneering years to contemporary times. From the volley between Mandarin and Cantonese films to the rise of the New Wave, this program touches on all the major trends and developments that have helped define Chinese cinema and explores different genres and representative figures and films. From actors to directors, over 200 film industry names, including Jackie Chan, John Woo, Sammo Hung, Connie Chan, Andrew Lau, Peter Chan, and Lau Ching Wan, appear in the program, bringing their intimate knowledge of the industry and providing insight about what lies ahead for Chinese cinema.
Hong Kong Superstars Hong Kong Superstars (2001) Character: Himself
Hong Kong Superstars is a documentary
Come Home Gary Glitter Come Home Gary Glitter (2005) Character: Self
Searching for the disgraced pop star
我是誰 制作特辑 我是誰 制作特辑 (1998) Character: Self
Making of 'Who Am I' by Jackie Chan
Robin Williams: Laugh Until You Cry Robin Williams: Laugh Until You Cry (2022) Character: Self
Robin Williams. The comic genius with an electric mind, with a range of talent that left us breathless. The one who amazed and kept us entertained until the very end, and whose sole purpose in life was to make people laugh. Living life to the fullest, he went from one memorable film role to the other. But behind the upbeat, frenzied facade of Robin Williams was a sensitive and vulnerable man, deeply plagued by depression and haunted by his demons. Few comedians have ever been as beloved as Robin Williams. His story is full of tragic moments. It inspires us to look past the mask of those people who seem to have a perfect life. His legacy, reaching way beyond his body of work, lives on. We look back at the journey and tragic loss of a unique comic legend...and one of the greatest comedians of all time.
The Incredibly Strange Film Show: Jackie Chan The Incredibly Strange Film Show: Jackie Chan (1988) Character: Self
On the set of his latest film The Miracle, Chan covers his entire career, from his early Peking Opera upbringing, his Hong Kong blockbusters (Drunken Master, Armor of God, Policy Story series), and his early attempts to break into the International market (Cannonball Run, The Protector). The life-threatening accidents shown in Jackie’s notorious outtake reels are also discussed. The episode ends with coverage of Chan’s wild 35th birthday party.
A Touch of Beijing A Touch of Beijing (2008) Character: Self / Host
In-depth look at the city hosting the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.
鬼怒川 鬼怒川 (1971) Character: Thug in black
The plot has to do with a reign of terror conducted by a mysterious killer dubbed "Poison Dart," who is hitting all kinds of prominent people with poison darts.
西藏小子 西藏小子 (1992) Character: Man at airport (Cameo)
As the evil sect known as the Black Section of Esoteric Buddhism wreaks havoc on Tibet, a young monk named Wong La (Biao Yuen) is sent to Hong Kong to recover a sacred urn that holds the power to defeat the enemies. Wong soon meets and safeguards a gorgeous woman (Michelle Reis) connected to the urn's protector, while the leader of the Black Section learns of Wong's plan and pursues the urn for himself in this martial arts thriller.
刀不留人 刀不留人 (1971) Character: Prince's fighter in the forest
Ho Li-Chun, a pretty but ruthless swordswoman, and three challengers are participating in an open tournament at Prince Kuei's Palace. A knight, Chen Jo-Yu, is defeated in the tournament. He flees and later returns with knight Tang Ching-Yun who wields a strange sword. They get trapped but Ho deliberately sets both free after seeing Tang's weapon which she recognizes as the same weapon once used by Sun Tien-Chen, a foe of the Ho family. She decides to investigate. She finds out Prince Kuei actually is Sun, who killed the real prince years ago and assumed his identity. Ho joins forces with Chen and Tang. The trio slays Sun in a desperate confrontation at the palace.
秦香蓮 秦香蓮 (1964) Character: Brother Dong
The Story of Qin Xiang-Lian is a Hong Kong Chinese Opera musical starring Jackie Chan in a child role.
黑帶恨 黑帶恨 (1978) Character: [unconfirmed Cameo]
Two in Black Belt is a Hong Kong Martial Arts movie allegedly starring Jackie Chan. However, this is unconfirmed.
惡虎村 惡虎村 (1974) Character: Bandit
The Village of Tigers is known as the home of all evil doers throughout the land, ruled by their leader, Lord Hu Jiao. When the famed swordsman known as the Sword of the Southern Sky, Luo Hong-Xun ends up in said village, he will teach the bandits a lesson.
三十六迷形拳 三十六迷形拳 (1977) Character: Man in opening scene [Cameo]
When a young man's village is destroyed by a band of thugs, he seeks help from a great kung-fu master, but his real lessons come from a drunk old man, he basically learns kung fu by accident and seeks his revenge.
緣來是遊戲 緣來是遊戲 (2014) Character: N/A
6 Chinese air hostesses spend spare time at a martial arts studio. They get suspended from work after using their skills on 3 misbehaving male passengers and they have to find new jobs.
千變魔手 千變魔手 (2006) Character: Himself
Magic & Me is a Hong Kong Documentary starring Jackie Chan
四大天王 四大天王 (2006) Character: Himself
Mockumentary about Hong Kong boy band Alive.
Top Fighter Top Fighter (1995) Character: Self
Welcome to the world of the martial arts. A voyage for the times of the martial arts cinema, from the beginning in China in the 6th Century A.C. by a Buddhist monk, Bodhidharma, until the actual time and the influence in the world, with interviews to actors and historians, and a review to the most important movies of all times and to the most famous action movies actors. A magnificent jewel of this genre what nobody wouldn't lose.
The Path of the Dragon The Path of the Dragon (1998) Character: Self
Produced and directed by Walt Missingham who, in 1983, became the first non-Chinese to practice Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple, this authoritative and informative programme uses rarely seen archive footage to trace both the history of martial arts and the phenomenal impact Bruce Lee had on this culture. Narrated by Lee's daughter, Shannon Lee Keasler.
电影香江之功夫世家 电影香江之功夫世家 (2003) Character: Self
Filmmaker Ian Taylor examines the impressive legacy of Hong Kong cinema -- specifically, how martial arts crossed borders and become an international phenomenon -- with the help of footage and interviews with the stars who made the genre what it is today. Director Lau Ka Leung (who helmed The 36th Chamber of Shaolin) joins in, sharing his thoughts on how certain cinematic technologies have improved martial arts films and expanded their appeal, on the set of Drunken Monkey (2003).
Fist to Fist Fist to Fist (2000) Character: (archive footage)
The legendary Bruce Lee created a unique arts style that resurrected a fighting technique which had survived thousands of years behind the Oriental curtain. Jackie Chan has exploded onto the movie screens around the world. His acrobatic action ballet has placed him in a world apart from others who would try and claim the crown. The producers of this wall to wall action have dared to answer the burning question; what would happen if these two men came eye to eye, Fist to Fist?
Kung Fu Killers Kung Fu Killers (1974) Character: (archive footage)
Australian stuntman Grant Page travels to Hong Kong to find Bruce Lee's successor and looks at the cultural phenomenon that Asian martial arts has become in the West. He talks to actors such as Angela Mao, Stuart Whitman and George Lazenby - who were all making movies in Hong Kong at the time - and fights Carter Wong twice.
铁道飞虎 铁道飞虎 (2016) Character: Ma Yuan
A railroad worker in China in 1941 leads a team of freedom fighters against the Japanese in order to get food for the poor.
The Tuxedo The Tuxedo (2002) Character: Jimmy Tong
Cabbie-turned-chauffeur Jimmy Tong learns there is really only one rule when you work for playboy millionaire Clark Devlin : Never touch Devlin's prized tuxedo. But when Devlin is temporarily put out of commission in an explosive accident, Jimmy puts on the tux and soon discovers that this extraordinary suit may be more black belt than black tie. Paired with a partner as inexperienced as he is, Jimmy becomes an unwitting secret agent.
Heromakers Heromakers (2003) Character: Himself (Archive)
Experience an action-packed, stunt-filled journey behind the scenes of the World-famous 'Hong Kong Action Cinema industry'. Join Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and the leading members of the 'Hong Kong Stuntman Association' as they reveal the secrets of their trade, and disclose fascinating anecdotes relating to their groundbreaking work in some of the most daring and innovative action movies ever made.
龍拳 龍拳 (1979) Character: Tang Hao Yun
After the death of his master, martial arts student Tong Huo-wan travels with his adoptive family to seek redress from the man responsible but finds himself torn between righteousness and filial piety after becoming entangled in a feud between a local clan and gangsters.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem (2023) Character: Splinter (voice)
After years of being sheltered from the human world, the Turtle brothers set out to win the hearts of New Yorkers and be accepted as normal teenagers through heroic acts. Their new friend April O'Neil helps them take on a mysterious crime syndicate, but they soon get in over their heads when an army of mutants is unleashed upon them.
辛亥革命 辛亥革命 (2011) Character: Huang Xing
China's first President Sun Yat-Sen and military commander Huang Xing lead the revolutionary Wuchang Uprising in a bid to put an end to the reign of the Qing Dynasty.
一個好人 一個好人 (1997) Character: Jackie
A Chinese chef accidentally gets involved with a news reporter who filmed a drug bust that went awry and is now being chased by gangs who are trying to get the video tape.
劍花煙雨江南 劍花煙雨江南 (1977) Character: Cao Lei (as Chen Lung)
Young master Cao Le chases his pregnant girlfriend away from the family castle. He does it in order to save her from vicious bandits who are going to murder his family.
花飛滿城春 花飛滿城春 (1975) Character: Hsiao Tang
A family gathers to be with its dying father. The reunion brings to the surface old rivalries.
Earth: One Amazing Day Earth: One Amazing Day (2017) Character: Narrator (voice)
An astonishing journey revealing the awesome power of the natural world. Over the course of one single day, we track the sun from the highest mountains to the remotest islands to exotic jungles.
刁手怪招 刁手怪招 (1973) Character: Hsiao Hu
Hsiao Hu has been secretly training in martial arts, as his father (Tien Feng) has forbidden him. Later, some local store owners ask Ah to help protect them from a greedy Chinese extortion ring. Ah discovers that the crime lord behind the extortion had killed his father years before and is determined for revenge.
特務迷城 特務迷城 (2001) Character: Buck Yuan
A fun-filled story about an ordinary guy about to kick into an action-packed adventure. Jackie Chan plays a bored and unsuccessful salesman who never thought his life would amount to anything. All that changes one day when he becomes an instant hero by foiling an attempted bank robbery.
The Lego Ninjago Movie The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017) Character: Master Wu / Mr. Liu (voice)
Six young ninjas are tasked with defending their island home of Ninjago. By night, they’re gifted warriors using their skill and awesome fleet of vehicles to fight villains and monsters. By day, they’re ordinary teens struggling against their greatest enemy....high school.
奇謀妙計五福星 奇謀妙計五福星 (1983) Character: Policeman #7086
Five friends are released from prison and do their best to stay out trouble. While trying to mind their own business (and run their 5-Star Cleaning Service), they are caught up in a war between rival Triad gangs fighting for control of the counterfeit currency market.
新宿事件 新宿事件 (2009) Character: Steelhead
A simple Chinese immigrant wages a perilous war against one of the most powerful criminal organizations on the planet.
荒江女俠 荒江女俠 (1970) Character: Beggar kid
A young swordswoman named Fang Ying-qi (Cheng Pei-Pei) sets out to join a gathering of the martial world’s leading warriors under the banner of Lord Xia (Fang Mien) and the Flying Dragon Clan. Their mission is to organize the defense of their country against invading Jin forces. Fang also intends to avenge the murder of her parents 20 years past by bandit leader Han Shi-xiong (Huang Chung-hsin). Han has since taken on a new, false identity as a reputable member of the Flying Dragon Clan while secretly working with the Jin to bring down the resistance. Han uses cunning and a network of criminal fighters in an attempt to assassinate Fang, and when that fails, to frame her as a traitor. Once his true identity and intentions are revealed, a determined Fang must rely on her deadly sword skills and assistance from a clever beggar clan leader (Yueh Hua) to stop Han and restore her reputation.
成龍的傳奇 成龍的傳奇 (1998) Character: Self
Jackie Chan is one of the world's biggest action stars, famed for his wacky sense of humor, remarkable martial arts techniques, and willingness to perform incredible stunts without the use of doubles -- or a net. This video takes a personal look at Chan as he works on screen projects in Hollywood and Beijing and candidly discusses his life and work.
女警察 女警察 (1973) Character: Gang Leader
Incriminating evidence against a gang is left in a cab when a gang member dies in it. The gang chases the innocent cab driver, who receives help from the dead gangster's sister - a tough police woman.
大兵小将 大兵小将 (2010) Character: The Liang soldier
The story of a farmer forced into conscription, who has been looking to get out of the army ever since. His great chance arrives when he stumbles upon a wounded general from an enemy state, and he kidnaps him, intending to claim credit for the capture, which includes five acres of land, and most importantly, honorable discharge from the army.
飛龍猛將 飛龍猛將 (1988) Character: Jackie Lung
A hot-shot lawyer is hired by a Hong Kong chemical plant to dispose of opposition to their polluting ways. But when he falls for a beautiful woman out to stop the plant, he is torn in a conflict of interest and asks his trusty friends Samo and Biao to help out at least until they discover the true purpose of the plant.
七小福 七小福 (1988) Character: Self
This is a story about the Peking Opera School that Jackie Chan, Samo Hung and Yuen Biao attended as young men. The story is about their teacher Master Yu and his school.
Jackie Chan - Humour, gloire et kung-fu Jackie Chan - Humour, gloire et kung-fu (2021) Character: Self - Portrait Subject
Jackie Chan is a true icon of Asian and Chinese culture. Over a 45-year-long career, he has carved a niche for himself as an actor, stuntman, director, and screenwriter, but also singer and formidable businessman. After starring in almost 200 films, Jackie Chan has reconciled fans of genre film and Hollywood blockbusters, whilst bridging the gap between Asian and Western cinema. Through film excerpts, archive footage and images, and an offbeat approach inspired by the visual codes of the golden age of kung fu films, this documentary will take a look back at the creation of a popular hero who has come to be an icon for China, and for the entire Asian continent.
Kung Fu Panda Holiday Kung Fu Panda Holiday (2010) Character: Monkey (voice)
The Winter Feast is Po's favorite holiday. Every year he and his father hang decorations, cook together, and serve noodle soup to the villagers. But this year Shifu informs Po that as Dragon Warrior, it is his duty to host the formal Winter Feast at the Jade Palace. Po is caught between his obligations as the Dragon Warrior and his family traditions: between Shifu and Mr. Ping.
Rush Hour 2 Rush Hour 2 (2001) Character: Yan Naing Lee
It's vacation time for Carter as he finds himself alongside Lee in Hong Kong wishing for more excitement. While Carter wants to party and meet the ladies, Lee is out to track down a Triad gang lord who may be responsible for killing two men at the American Embassy. Things get complicated as the pair stumble onto a counterfeiting plot. The boys are soon up to their necks in fist fights and life-threatening situations. A trip back to the U.S. may provide the answers about the bombing, the counterfeiting, and the true allegiance of sexy customs agent Isabella.
Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey (2000) Character: (archive footage) (uncredited)
Documentary on the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee, with a focus on the production of his unfinished film Game of Death. Using interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, Lee aficionado John Little paints a portrait of the world's most famous action hero, concluding with a new cut of Game of Death's action finale, reconstructed from Lee's notes and recently-recovered footage.
城市獵人 城市獵人 (1993) Character: Ryo Saeba
A self-indulgent private investigator winds up on a cruise ship full of rich patrons, gorgeous women, murderous terrorists, and scarce food.
The Cannonball Run The Cannonball Run (1981) Character: Subaru Driver #1
A cross-country road race is based on an actual event, the Cannonball Baker Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash, organized by Brock Yates to protest the 55 mph speed limit then in effect in the U.S. The Cannonball was named for Erwin G. "Cannonball" Baker, who in the roaring 20's rode his motorcycle across the country. Many of the characters are based on ruses developed by real Cannonball racers over the several years that the event was run.
Augustin, roi du kung-fu Augustin, roi du kung-fu (1999) Character: [archive footage]
The solitary and largely self-contained Augustin (Jean-Chretien Sibertin Blanc), on obscure young actor of bit-parts and advertisements, has but one ambition - to play the lead role in a Kung Fu epic. But hours of Kung Fu practice alone in his room are not enough. Augustin knows he must pack up and start a new life in China... or at least that part of China within bicycling distance: Chinatown in south-east Paris. There he meets Ling (Maggie Cheung), a young Chinese woman who practices ocupuncture, and little by little, Ling's needles awaken emotions in Augustin that his virginal body had never dreamed of. Where will this lead him? To Kung Fu stardom, maybe not, but to another destiny, a quirky but logical continuation of the same dream.
私人订制 私人订制 (2013) Character: Pan-Pacific Host (cameo)
A story centered on a company that grants wishes to people looking for a day away from their ordinary lives.
蛇鶴八步 蛇鶴八步 (1978) Character: Hsu Yin-Fung
Jackie Chan stars as the young warrior Hsu Yiu Fong. Hsu has been entrusted with the book of the "Art of the Snake and Crane," after the mysterious disappearance of the eight Shaolin Masters who had written it. He must fight off numerous clans who are all attempting to steal the book from him, to find out the true reason for the disappearance of the Shaolin Masters.
龍的心 龍的心 (1985) Character: Fung / Ah Tad / Tat
A policeman forsakes his dream of world travel to care for a mentally impaired brother, who is later kidnapped by gangsters.
扭計雜牌軍 扭計雜牌軍 (1986) Character: Prisoner (Cameo)
Frequent Jackie Chan cohort Mars stars as Sing, an ex-con who's supposed to dig up the buried loot of his three still-jailed buddies...but when he gets to it, he finds that the treasure chest is full of rocks! The other three are convinced that Sing stole the goods for himself, so Sing decides to hide out with his kick-butt cousin Kuen, played with athletic aplomb by kung-fu princess Kara Hui! But some insurance investigators (Carina Lau and Billy Lau) are also after the loot, and there's even a mousy travel agent (future director Clarence Fok) thrown in for good measure. It all adds up to numerous shenanigans and action-comedy hijinks, culminating in a knockdown action finale set in a warehouse! Wooden crates, two-by-fours, and more props than you can name are used and abused in the name of creative eighties HK-style action, which Jackie Chan and company are only too glad to dispense to the audience!
传说 传说 (2024) Character: Professor Fang/Zhao Zhan
An archeologist noticed that the texture of the relics discovered during the excavation of a glacier closely resembled a jade pendant seen in one of his dreams. He and his team then embark on an expedition into the depths of the glacier.
金瓶雙艷 金瓶雙艷 (1974) Character: Pear Hawker Yun
Golden Lotus is based, in part, on Jin Ping Mei, a famous erotic novel of ancient China. Li Han-Hsiang adapted part of the story into this film, which starts with Hsi Men Ching, a successful merchant, wooing Pan Chin Lien, the beautiful wife of one of the townspeople.
Kung Fu Panda 2 Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) Character: Monkey (voice)
Po and his friends fight to stop a peacock villain from conquering China with a deadly new weapon, but first the Dragon Warrior must come to terms with his past.
超級計劃 超級計劃 (1993) Character: Inspector Chan Ka-Kui
As a crime wave sweeps through Hong Kong, the police call Jessica Yang (Yeoh), a rising star in the ranks, to help stop a notorious gang of thieves! What Jessica doesn't realize is that her boyfriend - recently discharged from the force - is the leader of this ruthless crime ring!
警察故事2013 警察故事2013 (2013) Character: Zhong Wen
A man looking for the release of a long-time prisoner takes a police officer, his daughter, and a group of strangers hostage.
Тайна печати Дракона Тайна печати Дракона (2019) Character: Master
Commissioned to map the Far East territories of the Russian Empire, cartographer Jonathan Green sets off on a long journey of unbelievable adventures—making breath-taking discoveries and meeting mysterious creatures, Chinese princesses, deadly masters of oriental martial arts, and even the King of Dragons.
龙马精神 龙马精神 (2023) Character: Luo Zhilong / Lao Luo
A washed-up stuntman and his stunt horse become an overnight social media sensation when their real-life fight with debt collectors goes viral.
A計劃續集 A計劃續集 (1987) Character: Sgt. Dragon Ma Yue-Lung
Dragon is now transferred to be the police head of Sai Wan district, and has to contend with a gangster kingpin, anti-Manchu revolutionaries, some runaway pirates, Manchu Loyalists and a corrupt police superintendent.
The Karate Kid The Karate Kid (2010) Character: Mr. Han
Twelve-year-old Dre Parker could have been the most popular kid in Detroit, but his mother's latest career move has landed him in China. Dre immediately falls for his classmate Mei Ying but the cultural differences make such a friendship impossible. Even worse, Dre's feelings make him an enemy of the class bully, Cheng. With no friends in a strange land, Dre has nowhere to turn but maintenance man Mr. Han, who is a kung fu master. As Han teaches Dre that kung fu is not about punches and parries, but maturity and calm, Dre realizes that facing down the bullies will be the fight of his life.
Rush Hour Rush Hour (1998) Character: Lee
When Hong Kong Inspector Lee is summoned to Los Angeles to investigate a kidnapping, the FBI doesn't want any outside help and assigns cocky LAPD Detective James Carter to distract Lee from the case. Not content to watch the action from the sidelines, Lee and Carter form an unlikely partnership and investigate the case themselves.
招半式闖江湖 招半式闖江湖 (1978) Character: Chiang
A young daydreamer assumes the identity of a dead martial arts hero and quickly finds himself caught up in a plot by several clans to steal famous martial arts artifacts being transported by an escort company.
Dang kou tan Dang kou tan (1972) Character: Policeman [Extra]
Yuen Woo Ping, who would in time become one of the world's leading martial arts choreographers, blocked the fight scenes for this Kung Fu action extravaganza. A small Chinese town is being torn apart by a conflict between local farmers and Japanese soldiers of fortune, who have been brought to town to liberate supplies of a rare Chinese herb. A martial arts expert gifted in both Chinese and Japanese fighting disciplines passes through town, and takes it upon himself to settle the feud.
寶貝計劃 寶貝計劃 (2006) Character: Thongs
For never-do-well compulsive gambler Fong, there's only one thing more fearsome than debtors at his doorstep - having to coax a crying baby. But what if the baby becomes his golden goose to fend off his debtors? Can he overcome his phobia of diapers, milk bottles, and cloying lullabies?
龍少爺 龍少爺 (1982) Character: Lung (Dragon Ho)
Dragon and his madcap pal Cowboy spend their days getting into mischief, frustrating the elders, chasing girls, and competing in the village sport. When Dragon overhears a fiendish plot by smugglers to sell China's national treasures overseas, the pair leap into action. Also, Cowboy's wealthy father is kidnapped by the villainous and lethal Big Boss, and the scene is set for a furious martial arts showdown.
建国大业 建国大业 (2009) Character: Reporter
The tale of one man who fought against the tyranny of a ruler and led his people in battle in the ultimate sacrifice for his country.
警察故事 III:超級警察 警察故事 III:超級警察 (1992) Character: Kevin Chan Ka-Kui / Lin Fu-Sheng
A Hong Kong detective teams up with his female Red Chinese counterpart to stop a Chinese drug czar.
The Best of the Martial Arts Films The Best of the Martial Arts Films (1990) Character: Self (archive footage)
The most explosive barehanded combat sequences ever filmed. An electrifying video of martial arts mastery and mayhem. This program takes a behind-the-scenes look at the weapons, the mystical eastern philosophy, and the incredible skills that have made martial arts films one of the most popular genres in the world today.
Shanghai Knights Shanghai Knights (2003) Character: Chon Wang
The dynamic duo of Chon Wang and Roy O'Bannon return for another crazy adventure. This time, they're in London to avenge the murder of Chon's father, but end up on an even bigger case. Chon's sister is there to do the same, but instead unearths a plot to kill the royal family. No one believes her, though, and it's up to Chon and Roy (who has romance on his mind) to prove her right.
埋伏 埋伏 (1973) Character: [Extra]
An officer of the law and his father are framed for a robbery they did not commit. With only his father's sword at the scene and the man nowhere to be found the officer flees in order to discover who really stole the jewels so that he may clear the family name.
千機變II花都大戰 千機變II花都大戰 (2004) Character: Lord of Armour
Set in Flower Capital, a land ruled by an Evil Queen. All men in the kingdom are slaves to women. However, a prophecy foretells that one day, the Star of Rex will find and wield a mythical sword, rise to power, overthrow the queen, and restore the balance of the two sexes.
重案組 重案組 (1993) Character: Inspector Eddie Chan
A special agent is assigned to protect a wealthy business magnate. However, when the businessman is kidnapped in a daring ambush, he teams up with a seasoned detective to crack the case. But soon he discovers the case isn't that simple.
北地胭脂 北地胭脂 (1973) Character: Xiao Liu
This story is centering around a Ming Dynasty brothel that steams with secret erotic myths, trysts and twists of pleasurable indulgence. A shaw production
奇蹟 奇蹟 (1989) Character: Kuo Chen-Wah
A country boy becomes the head of a gang through the purchase of some lucky roses from an old lady. He and a singer at the gang's nightclub try to do a good deed for the old lady when her daughter comes to visit.
The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature (2017) Character: Mr. Feng (voice)
When the evil mayor of Oakton decides to bulldoze Liberty Park and build a dangerous amusement park in its place, Surly Squirrel and his ragtag group of animal friends need to band together to save their home, defeat the mayor, and take back the park.
金雞2 金雞2 (2003) Character: Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
The year is 2046 and 82 year old Golden Chicken Kum, spots a heartbroken man planning to take memory loss-pills. Claiming that Hong Kong people have a way of forgetting, she begins to recap part of her life story, starting in 2003 during a time where she was desperately looking for a husband and the SARS outbreak happened.
少林門 少林門 (1976) Character: Little Tan
A young monk must face the Extended Iron Claw technique of a powerful warlord seeking to destroy Shaolin.
攀登者 攀登者 (2019) Character: Old Yang Guang
May 1960. Mount Everest, the second step under the cliff. The four members of the China Everest Climbing Commando are attacking the most difficult and most difficult "second step". This is their fifth assault. The first four failures have cost them too much physical strength - finally, the wind and snow stop the gap.
The Master: A LEGO Ninjago Short The Master: A LEGO Ninjago Short (2016) Character: Master Wu (Voice)
Master Wu gets into a conflict with Chicken.
龍兄虎弟 龍兄虎弟 (1986) Character: Jackie (Asian Hawk)
Jackie Chan stars as Asian Hawk, an Indiana Jones-style adventurer looking to make a fortune in exotic antiquities. After Hawk discovers a mysterious sword in Africa, a band of Satan-worshipping monks kidnap his ex-girlfriend Lorelei, demanding the sword as ransom as well as other pieces of the legendary Armour of God - a magical outfit dating back to the Crusades.
Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda (2008) Character: Monkey (voice)
When the Valley of Peace is threatened, lazy Po the panda discovers his destiny as the "chosen one" and trains to become a kung fu hero, but transforming the unsleek slacker into a brave warrior won't be easy. It's up to Master Shifu and the Furious Five -- Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey -- to give it a try.
Master with Cracked Fingers Master with Cracked Fingers (1979) Character: Lung/Jackie
Master with Cracked Fingers (Chinese: 刁手怪招; pinyin: diāo shǒu guài zhāo), also released as Snake Fist Fighter, is a 1979 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Mu Chu and starring Jackie Chan. It is often cited as being produced in 1971, 1973, 1974 or 1981. The original footage was filmed in 1971 and released in 1973 as Little Tiger of Canton. The re-edited version entitled Master with Cracked Fingers was not actually released until 1979.[1] Lung has been intrigued by kung fu since he was a boy, but he cannot afford to pay for lessons. He later meets an old beggar, "The Man Who Isn't There", who offers to teach him the secrets of fighting. When a local gang burns down his house, killing Lung's father. Lung to avenge his father's death agrees to a blindfolded fight against the gang leader,
快餐車 快餐車 (1984) Character: Thomas
Cousins Thomas and David, owners of a mobile restaurant, team up with their friend Moby, a bumbling private detective, to save the beautiful Sylvia, a pickpocket.
我是誰 我是誰 (1998) Character: Lee / Who am I
A group of covert CIA operatives trailing a potential new energy source are double-crossed by corrupt agent Morgan, who causes a helicopter crash in remote South Africa. The sole survivor, suffering severe amnesia, is nursed to recovery by a kindly native tribe who call him "Whoami" after the question he keeps asking. With the help of a mysterious reporter Christine, Whoami pieces together his past and tracks the turncoat agent and his criminal cohorts.
除霸 除霸 (1973) Character: Guard
A young police cadet graduates from the academy, and is sent to a small town run by gangsters - one of whom betrayed the hero's father and left him to die.
The Medallion The Medallion (2003) Character: Eddie Yang
A Hong Kong detective suffers a fatal accident involving a mysterious medallion and is transformed into an immortal warrior with superhuman powers.
Hidden Strike Hidden Strike (2023) Character: Dragon Luo
Two elite soldiers must escort civilians through a gauntlet of gunfire and explosions.
警察故事 警察故事 (1985) Character: Sergeant "Kevin" Chan Ka-Kui
Officer Chan Ka Kui manages to put a major Hong Kong drug dealer behind the bars practically alone, after a shooting and an impressive chase inside a slum. Now, he must protect the boss' secretary, Selina, who will testify against the gangster in court.
少林木人巷 少林木人巷 (1976) Character: Little Mute
Little Mute is an orphan traumatized into silence by the death of his father at the hands of a vicious fighting master. Living at the Shaolin monastery, he befriends a dangerous prisoner who teaches him a secret form of deadly kung fu. Seeing his intense determination, other masters share the wisdom of the Gliding Snake and Drunken Master techniques. In one of the most exciting fight scenes ever filmed, Little Mute must run the gauntlet of the famous 108 wooden men in an extreme test of skill and endurance. But if he becomes a master, will he use his unmatched force for redemption or revenge?
码头大决斗 码头大决斗 (1973) Character: Thug [Extra]
A martial arts fighter, haunted by his past, takes a job as a dock worker in a small village. His vow never to fight again is tested by the cruel owner of the pier.
警察故事續集 警察故事續集 (1988) Character: Sergeant Chan Ka-Kui
The Hong Kong super-cop must stop a group of blackmailing bombers at the same time that the villains of the first Police Story are out for revenge.
大佬愛美麗 大佬愛美麗 (2004) Character: Mr. Chan (cameo)
Georgie Hung is handsome, stylish and charming but he hides a secret that his old-fashion father, Hung who is a Triad leader, can never forgive. He has been sent to Thailand since he was a child and never returned. After Hung's death, his right-hand Cheung intends to bring back Georgie to take over. However, Cheung finds Sam, Georgie's flat-mate, whom he mistakes for Geogie...
喜劇之王 喜劇之王 (1999) Character: Stunt Double on Set (uncredited)
Wan Tin-Sau is an actor who cannot seem to catch a break, since his only professional jobs are limited to being a movie extra. As well as being an actor, he is also the head of his village's community center.
急先锋 急先锋 (2020) Character: Tang Huanting
Covert security company Vanguard is the last hope of survival for an accountant after he is targeted by the world's deadliest mercenary organization.
迷你特攻隊 迷你特攻隊 (1983) Character: Sammy
A force of loners and fighters is put together to try and rescue the generals and save the war effort with the promise of gold and pardons of past crimes.
警察故事4之簡單任務 警察故事4之簡單任務 (1996) Character: Jackie
Hong Kong cop Chan Ka-Kui returns, working with Interpol to track down and arrest an illegal weapons dealer. Chan later realizes that things are not as simple as they appear and soon finds himself to be a pawn of an organization posing as Russian intelligence.
机器之血 机器之血 (2017) Character: Lin Dong
Jackie Chan stars as a hardened special forces agent who fights to protect a young woman from a sinister criminal gang. At the same time, he feels a special connection to the young woman, like they met in a different life.
How Bruce Lee Changed the World How Bruce Lee Changed the World (2009) Character: Self
More than just a biography, this film explores Bruce Lee's global impact to see how he has influenced all areas of popular culture including fitness, cinema, music, sport, dance, video games and philosophy. A journey across the United States, Asia and Europe, takes Shannon Lee on a trip back to her father's roots in Hong Kong and China. With unique access to the family's photographic archive, home movies and all material owned by the Bruce Lee Foundation.
紅番區 紅番區 (1995) Character: Keung
Keong comes from Hong Kong to visit New York for his uncle's wedding. His uncle runs a market in the Bronx and Keong offers to help out while Uncle is on his honeymoon. During his stay in the Bronx, Keong befriends a neighbor kid and beats up some neighborhood thugs who cause problems at the market. One of those petty thugs in the local gang stumbles into a criminal situation way over his head.
寻找成龙 寻找成龙 (2009) Character: Himself
Jackie Chan is the undefeated Kung Fu Master who dishes out the action in traditional Jackie Chan style. When a young boy sets out to learn how to fight from the Master himself, he not only witnesses some spectacular fights, but learns some important life lessons along the way.
新警察故事 新警察故事 (2004) Character: Senior Insp. Chan Kwok-Wing
Sent into a drunken tailspin when his entire unit is killed by a gang of thrill-seeking punks, disgraced Hong Kong police inspector Wing needs help from his new rookie partner, with a troubled past of his own, to climb out of the bottle and track down the gang and its ruthless leader.
Jin mao shi wang Jin mao shi wang (1975) Character: Golden Lion gang member
Director Ho Meng-hua is one of Shaw Studio's most versatile directors. He's helmed romances, mysteries, award-winning dramas, contemporary action films, historical costume dramas, fantasies, and, finally, popular swordplay movies. The title character in this one is a chivalrous thief who raises the jealous ire of the rival Red Shirt Gang. There's plenty of action in this adventure, which sweeps from the plains to the mountains ... to the sound of slashing swords.
P计划 P计划 (2024) Character: Jackie
An international action superstar and his assistant are involved in a transnational rescue operation of the mysterious protagonist P, the top international superstar.
總是有愛在隔離 總是有愛在隔離 (2021) Character: Supervisor of the Epidemic Prevention Operation Unit
Initiated by the Hong Kong Performing Artists Association and the Hong Kong Film Workers Association, ten film companies in Hong Kong (China Star, Anle Film, Emperor Films, Oriental Films, Media Asia Films, Meiya Films, World Films, Shaw Brothers, Sun Entertainment Culture , Huanyu Film) and the Hong Kong Film Development Council’s "Film Production Financing Project". It tells about a quiet afternoon when the Gurney Hotel suddenly detected a suspected case. The epidemic prevention center ordered a total blockade. All guests staying in the hotel must accept Mandatory quarantine for 14 days. Everyone is isolated in the hotel, and the relationship between people is getting closer unconsciously. Everyone has lived through difficult times together, and learned to cherish what may be the last time to get along with each other.
拳精 拳精 (1978) Character: Yi-Lang
Jackie Chan plays the part of the class clown in a shaolin temple whose deadliest secret is stolen. All is lost until Jackie's character discovers dancing blue ghosts with bright red hair who haunt the library.
ไอ้หนุ่มหมัดฮา ไอ้หนุ่มหมัดฮา (1979) Character: Chan
Lung is a talented fighter but prefers to spend his time loafing around and picking fights, despite orders from his grandfather not to fight. Unknown to him, a brutal general has been slaughtering all the people from his grandfather’s clan. When the general recognizes Lung’s style of kung fu during one of his street fights, he hunts down Lung’s grandfather and kills him.
双龙会 双龙会 (1992) Character: Ma Yau / Wan Ming
Twins, separated at birth, end up as a Hong Kong gangster and a New York concert pianist. When the pianist travels to Hong Kong for a concert, the two inevitably get mistaken for each other.
千機變 千機變 (2003) Character: Jackie Fong
An evil Duke attempts to kill and collect the blood of a royal family of European vampires in order to become all powerful. The only surviving member of the family travels to Hong Kong, only to complicate his struggle by falling in love with a mortal girl who just happens to have a vampire hunter for a brother.
蛇形刁手 蛇形刁手 (1978) Character: Chien Fu
Everyone abuses and humiliates a downtrodden orphan until he befriends an old man, who turns out to be the last master of the snake fist fighting style. Jackie becomes the old man's student and finds himself in battle with the master of the eagle's claw style, who has vowed to destroy the snake fist clan.
合氣道 合氣道 (1972) Character: Black Bear Student
Yu Ying, Kao and Fan return to China to start a martial arts school but are bullied by the Japanese competitor who runs the Black Bear school. The harassment leads to intense conflicts between them.
新精武門 新精武門 (1976) Character: Ah Lung
A brother and sister escape from Japanese-occupied Shanghai to Japanese-occupied Taiwan, to stay with their grandfather who runs a Kung-Fu school there. However, the master of a Japanese Kung- Fu school in Taiwan has plans to bringing all other schools on the island under his domination, and part of his plan involves the murder of the grandfather.
解忧杂货店 解忧杂货店 (2017) Character: Namiya
Xiao Bo, is one of three orphans on the run who take refuge in a derelict corner store. Once there, they find a mysterious letter seeking advice, ending up in adventure in time and finding unexpected connections with their own past.
密宗聖手 密宗聖手 (1976) Character: Tseng's man
The Tseng family is one of the most noble and respected clans in a small village in Tibet. The patriarch of the Tseng family wants to marry off his daughter Ching Lan into the Kao clan. However, the cunning and deceitful eldest brother Kao Chu only wants his younger sibling Kao I-Fan to marry Lan so he can gain access to the Tseng family's considerable wealth and power.
Top Fighter 2 Top Fighter 2 (1996) Character: (archive footage)
The sequel of "Top Fighter" focuses in the importance of the women in the martial-arts movies, from her first characters as "hero's girl" until becoming superstars by themselves. A voyage by the times and the most famous beauty fighters from this genre: Angela Mao, Michelle Yeoh, Cynthia Rothrock and much more.
黑店 黑店 (1972) Character: Servant
This sword-filled thriller centers on the title location--an inn where the down and dirty meet to plot nefarious doings. Award winning actor Ku Feng stars as the "Whip Devil," while the luminous and lethal Shih Szu plays "The Lady Hermit" who has a surprise in store for all the double-crossing masters of mayhem.
A計劃 A計劃 (1983) Character: Sergeant Dragon Ma Yue Lung
In late 19th Century Hong Kong the British may rule the land, but the pirates rule the waters. One Coast Guard officer is Dragon Ma, who is determined that his beloved Coast Guard will not be made a fool of.
風雨雙流星 風雨雙流星 (1976) Character: Immortal Meteor Wa Wu-Bin
Mi Wey is a local hero named after "Killer Meteors", his secret weapon which makes him invincible. However, when "Immortal" Wa Wu Bin, another powerful local character seeks his assistance, Killer Meteor will face the greatest and the deadliest challenge of his life.
飛鷹計劃 飛鷹計劃 (1991) Character: Jackie / Asian Hawk / Asian Condor
Hired by a Spanish baron, Hong Kong treasure hunter Jackie, a.k.a. "Asian Hawk" and his entourage seek WWII Nazi gold buried in the Sahara Desert.
新少林寺 新少林寺 (2011) Character: Wudao
China is plunged into strife as feuding warlords try to expand their power by warring over neighboring lands. Fuelled by his success on the battlefield, young and arrogant Hao Jie sneers at Shaolin's masters when he beats one of them in a duel. But the pride comes before a fall. When his own family is wiped out by a rival warlord, Hao is forced to take refuge with the monks. As the civil unrest spreads and the people suffer, Hao and the Shaolin masters are forced to take a fiery stand against the evil warlords. They launch a daring plan or rescue and escape.
Around the World in 80 Days Around the World in 80 Days (2004) Character: Passepartout / Lau Xing
A bet pits a British inventor, a Chinese thief and a French artist on a worldwide adventure that they can circle the globe in 80 days.
麒麟掌 麒麟掌 (1973) Character: Thug [Extra]
Unicorn travels to a village troubled by gangsters in search of revenge for the murder of his parents years before. The task is made more complicated when he befriends a middle-aged woman and her son who begin to admire and depend on him.
功夫瑜伽 功夫瑜伽 (2017) Character: Dr. Jack Chan
Two professors team up to locate a lost treasure and embark on an adventure that takes them from a Tibetan ice cave to Dubai, and to a mountain temple in India.
霹靂火 霹靂火 (1995) Character: Chan Foh To
In order to release his kidnapped sister, sports car mechanic Jackie Chan has to beat a super-criminal street racer.
火燒島 火燒島 (1990) Character: Da Chui / Steve
Someone in a prison run by a corrupt warden fakes the deaths of convicts to later use them as expendable assassins. A police officer is sent into the prison to gather evidence of the corruption.
醉拳二 醉拳二 (1994) Character: Wong Fei-hung
Returning home with his father after a shopping expedition, Wong Fei-Hong is unwittingly caught up in the battle between foreigners who wish to export ancient Chinese artifacts and loyalists who don't want the pieces to leave the country. Fei-Hong must fight against the foreigners using his Drunken Boxing style, and overcome his father's antagonism as well.
神探蒲松齡 神探蒲松齡 (2019) Character: Pu Songling
Pu Songling, a legendary demon hunter, is asked to investigate the mysterious disappearances of young girls from a small village. When he discovers evil forces are kidnapping the girls to feast on their souls, he sets out to save humanity from the inhuman invasion journeying through hidden worlds and colorful dimensions.
Enter the Dragon Enter the Dragon (1973) Character: Guard
A martial artist agrees to spy on a reclusive crime lord using his invitation to a tournament there as cover.
The Forbidden Kingdom The Forbidden Kingdom (2008) Character: Old Hop / Lu Yan
An American teenager who is obsessed with Hong Kong cinema and kung-fu classics makes an extraordinary discovery in a Chinatown pawnshop: the legendary stick weapon of the Chinese sage and warrior, the Monkey King. With the lost relic in hand, the teenager unexpectedly finds himself travelling back to ancient China to join a crew of warriors from martial arts lore on a dangerous quest to free the imprisoned Monkey King.
醉拳 醉拳 (1978) Character: Wong Fei-Hung
After being punished for getting into trouble, a mischievous young man is sent to train under a brutal, but slovenly old beggar, who teaches him the secret of the Drunken Fist.
Rush Hour 3 Rush Hour 3 (2007) Character: Yan Naing Lee
After a botched assassination attempt, the mismatched duo finds themselves in Paris, struggling to retrieve a precious list of names, as the murderous crime syndicate's henchmen try their best to stop them. Once more, Lee and Carter must fight their way through dangerous gangsters; however, this time, the past has come back to haunt Lee. Will the boys get the job done once and for all?
玻璃樽 玻璃樽 (1999) Character: Chi Wu
When Ah Bu, a girl from a small fishing town in Taiwan, finds a glass bottle with a romantic message, she travels to Hong Kong to find her prince charming. As it turns out, her prince charming, Albert, happens to be gay. But all is not lost when Ah Bu meets the dashing Chi Wu. Meanwhile, Ah Bu's boyfriend from Taiwan comes looking for her, as the action and romance follow Ah Bu back to Taiwan.
An Alan Smithee Film: Burn, Hollywood, Burn An Alan Smithee Film: Burn, Hollywood, Burn (1998) Character: Jackie Chan
Filmmaker Alan Smithee finds himself the unwilling puppet of a potentially bad big budget action film, for which he proceeds to steal the reels, and leaves the cast and crew in a frenzy.
The Big Brawl The Big Brawl (1980) Character: Jerry Kwan
A young Asian American martial artist is forced to participate in a brutal formal street-fight competition.
I Am Bruce Lee I Am Bruce Lee (2012) Character: Actor on Enter the Dragon (archive footage) (uncredited)
Bruce Lee is universally recognized as the pioneer who elevated martial arts in film to an art form, and this documentary will reveal why Bruce Lee's flame burns brighter now than the day he died over three decades ago. The greatest martial artists, athletes, actors, directors, and producers in the entertainment business today will share their feelings about the one who started it all. We will interview the people whose lives, careers, and belief systems were forever altered by the legendary "Father of Martial Arts Cinema". Rarely seen archival footage and classic photos will punctuate the personal testimonials. Prepare to be inspired.
師弟出馬 師弟出馬 (1980) Character: Lung
Youthful martial arts master Lung is searching for his missing brother, when he is mistaken for a criminal on the run. He must prove his innocence by solving the case himself, while local lawmen and merciless mercenaries are hot on his trail.
神勇雙響炮 神勇雙響炮 (1984) Character: Motorcycle cop/Skater [Cameo]
Chau and Beethoven, two Hong Kong police detectives, go through misadventures to protect a young girl from a ruthless crime lord, as she possesses a ledger that contains all of the gangster's activities. In the mix is a tough, no-nonsense policewoman, who falls for one of the detectives. Written by Oliver Chu
Final Cut: Hölgyeim és uraim Final Cut: Hölgyeim és uraim (2012) Character: (archive footage)
A film where anything can happen - the hero and the heroine changes their faces, age, look, names, and so on. The only same thing: The love between man and woman... in an archetypical love story cut from 500 classics from all around the world.
Cannonball Run II Cannonball Run II (1984) Character: Jackie
When a wealthy sheikh puts up $1 million in prize money for a cross-country car race, there is one person crazy enough to hit the road hard with wheels spinning fast. Legendary driver J.J. McClure enters the competition along with his friend Victor and together they set off across the American landscape in a madcap action-adventure destined to test their wits and automobile skills.
天將雄師 天將雄師 (2015) Character: Huo Han
Huo An, the commander of the Protection Squad of the Western Regions, was framed by evil forces and becomes enslaved. On the other hand, a Roman general escapes to China after rescuing the Prince. The heroic duo meet in the Western Desert and a thrilling story unfolds.
顶天立地 顶天立地 (1973) Character: Shi Tzer
Historical movie set during the Japanese occupation of China during WWII. Jackie Chan is one of the good guys but has nothing much more than a supporting role.
The Foreigner The Foreigner (2017) Character: Quan Ngoc Minh
Quan is a humble London businessman whose long-buried past erupts in a revenge-fueled vendetta when the only person left for him to love – his teenage daughter – dies in an Irish Republican Army car bombing. His relentless search to find the terrorists leads to a cat-and-mouse conflict with a British government official whose own past may hold the clues to the identities of the elusive killers.
石破天惊 石破天惊 (1973) Character: Thug
A man takes on a gang that has been terrorizing a small village.
Skiptrace Skiptrace (2016) Character: Bennie Chan
A detective from Hong Kong teams up with an American gambler to battle against a notorious Chinese criminal.
夏日福星 夏日福星 (1985) Character: Muscles
The third installment in the Lucky Stars series, following Winners and Sinners and My Lucky Stars. The team are released from prison to play detective in order to stop a ruthless gang from ruining their reputations, taking their lives, and that of a key witness in an upcoming trial. They must battle their way through and with the help of Muscles, take down the bad guys.
大醉俠 大醉俠 (1966) Character: One of the Little Kids
Golden Swallow is a fighter-for-hire who has been contracted by the local government to retrieve the governor's kidnapped son. Holding him is a group of rebels who are demanding that their leader be released from prison in return for the captured son. After a brief encounter with the gang at a local restaurant, Golden Swallow is joined by an inebriated wanderer Drunken Cat who aids her in her mission.
曾经相爱的我们 曾经相爱的我们 (2021) Character: Uncle Chen
Beijing is the place where dreams come true or at least that’s what a group of young and ambitious people from different parts are hoping for. Romance could be in their future but also heartbreak as well, leading them to question just where they stand in such a city. Will they find the career and partner of their dreams or have to make a choice between one of the other?
御龙修仙传2:魔兽疆界 御龙修仙传2:魔兽疆界 (2021) Character: Vivi
A mortal called Fu Yan accidentally fell into a space rift and find himself in the demon realm. He embarks on a journey, cultivating, refining Dan, and fighting demons.
Kung Fu Panda 3 Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016) Character: Monkey (voice)
While Po and his father are visiting a secret panda village, an evil spirit threatens all of China, forcing Po to form a ragtag army to fight back.
Crash! Che botte... strippo strappo stroppio Crash! Che botte... strippo strappo stroppio (1973) Character: Extra
Robert Wallace travels to Hong Kong to bust a gang of drug trafficker's. There he finds help from Tang and Suzy, as well as his fellow Supermen Max & Jerry.
The Protector The Protector (1985) Character: Billy Wong
Billy Wong is a New York City cop whose partner is gunned down during a robbery. Billy and his new partner, Danny Garoni, are working security at a fashion show when a wealthy man's daughter, Laura Shapiro, is kidnapped. The Federal authorities suspect that Laura's father is involved with Mr. Ko, a Hong Kong drug kingpin, so the NYC police commissioner sends the two cops to Hong Kong to investigate.
龍騰虎躍 龍騰虎躍 (1983) Character: Ching Lung (Stone)
A pair of evil kung-fu artists, Heaven and Earth, are slaughtering the entire Yin-Yang brotherhood.
成龍的特技 成龍的特技 (1999) Character: Himself
Jackie Chan: My Stunts shows some of the tricks of the trade that Jackie and his stunt team utilize to perform their stunts. This is not an endless gag reel of stunts gone wrong, but an in depth look at how timing and camera placement can make or break a shot. Jackie will show you what is done to enhance fights and protect the stuntmen from getting injured. Of course, if the character you are portraying is wearing shorts and a tank top, you just have to get hurt!
拍案驚奇 拍案驚奇 (1975) Character: Secretary Chen
No End of Surprises is a Hong Kong Comedy Drama starring Jackie Chan.
Bruce Lee: The Legend Bruce Lee: The Legend (1984) Character: Self (archive footage)
The Official Golden Harvest tribute to the Master of the Martial Arts Film, Bruce Lee.
The Spy Next Door The Spy Next Door (2010) Character: Bob Ho
Former CIA spy Bob Ho takes on his toughest assignment to date: looking after his girlfriend's three kids, who haven't exactly warmed to their mom's beau. And when one of the youngsters accidentally downloads a top-secret formula, Bob's longtime nemesis, a Russian terrorist, pays a visit to the family.
救火英雄 救火英雄 (2014) Character: Fireman in TV ad
Firefighters in Hong Kong's Pillar Point uncover dangerous truths as they battle an out-of-control inferno on Christmas Eve.
飛渡捲雲山 飛渡捲雲山 (1978) Character: Ting Chung
Chan is asked by a young, wealthy lady to take her sick brother to a particular doctor in order to be cured. To reach this doctor, Chan and a handful of travelling companions must pass through bandit-infested wild country. They meet and kung-fu-fight several gangs of thugs along the way.
精武門 精武門 (1972) Character: Student (uncredited)
Chen Chen returns to his former school in Shanghai when he learns that his beloved instructor has been murdered. While investigating the man's death, Chen discovers that a rival Japanese school is operating a drug smuggling ring. To avenge his master’s death, Chen takes on both Chinese and Japanese assassins… and even a towering Russian.
Iron Fists and Kung Fu Kicks Iron Fists and Kung Fu Kicks (2019) Character: Self (archive footage)
The fantastic story of how an ancient martial art, Chinese kung fu, conquered the world through the hundreds of films that were produced in Hong Kong over the decades, transformed Western action cinema and inspired the birth of cultural movements such as blaxploitation, hip hop music, parkour and Wakaliwood cinema.
Shanghai Noon Shanghai Noon (2000) Character: Chon Wang
Chon Wang, a clumsy imperial guard trails Princess Pei Pei when she is kidnapped from the Forbidden City and transported to America. Wang follows her captors to Nevada, where he teams up with an unlikely partner, outcast outlaw Roy O'Bannon, and tries to spring the princess from her imprisonment.
福星高照 福星高照 (1985) Character: Muscles
Two Hong Kong cops are sent to Tokyo to catch an ex-cop who stole a large amount of money in diamonds. After one is captured by the Ninja-gang protecting the rogue cop, the other one gets his old Orphanage gang, dubbed the "Five Lucky Stars," to help him. They don't like this much, but they do it.
神話 神話 (2005) Character: Meng Yi / Jack
When a fellow scientist asks for Jack's help in locating the mausoleum of China's first emperor, the past collides violently with the present as Jack discovers his amazing visions are based in fact.
西游记之大圣归来 西游记之大圣归来 (2015) Character: Sun Wukong (English Dub)
The all-powerful Monkey King once roamed freely between Heaven and Earth, but after angering the Gods, he was imprisoned within an ice cage deep within the mountains. 500 years later, monsters attack a small village and a child flees to the mountains. Unknowingly, the child releases the Monkey King from his curse. With the help and encouragement from this special child, Monkey King saves the village from the evil monsters.
十二生肖 十二生肖 (2012) Character: Jackie / Asian Hawk
Asian Hawk leads a mercenary team to recover several lost artifacts from the Old Summer Palace, the bronze heads of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals which were sacked by the French and British armies from the imperial Summer Palace in Beijing in 1860. Assisted by a Chinese student & a Parisian lady, Hawk stops at nothing to accomplish the mission.
Jackie Chan's Green Heroes Jackie Chan's Green Heroes (2018) Character: Self
Jackie Chan and Arthur Huang are on a mission to test the Trashpresso, the world's first fully mobile plastics recycling machine, in the harshest environment of the Tibetan Plateau.
铁娃 铁娃 (1973) Character: Japanese
Story is about how a revolutionist, played by Cheng Pei Pei, taking on the identity of a Captain's (Ou Wei) long lost sister who is actually dead. Cheng manages to fool the Captain for a while, but little by little, the Captain catches on to her and the revolutionist's plan to stop Chinese-Japanese relations.
金雞 金雞 (2002) Character: Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
After his attempted robbery runs aground, a thief takes a shine to his would-be victim, a charming prostitute, who begins to tell him her life story.
Someone will Know Me Someone will Know Me (1988) Character: Himself (uncredited)
A documentary focusing on three members of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team.
特警新人類 特警新人類 (1999) Character: Poor Fisherman (Cameo)
Four young officers of the Hong Kong Police are joined together to fight against organised crime using all possible means, even if this would lead them to break the law… Their first assignment is to eliminate a gang of criminals who have stolen a shipload of explosives.
唐人客 唐人客 (1972) Character: Thug
The bloodiest Kung Fu battles ever fought. The subtitle says it all, as there is hardly any story, but all the more raw fighting.
Zhi zun shen tou Zhi zun shen tou (1984) Character: [unconfirmed Cameo]
The Ninja Empire has been run by an evil master and one member decides to leave the empire. The ex-Ninja wants a Hong Kong detective to track down the new leader and end his reign of terror. "Cut-and-paste" transformation of Taiwanese movie "To catch a thief" (1984; directed by Gam Ming) with new Hong Kong footage.

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