Angeli Khang

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(23 years old)

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Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Also Known As
  • Agnes Khang
  • 妮可·华莱士

Angeli Khang


Angeli Khang is an actress, born in Mandaluyong City, Philippines to a Korean father and a Filipino mother. She is a Viva Artists Agency talent but she has previously worked at Philmoda Entertainment Production as a model.


Uhaw Uhaw (2024) Character: Astrid
A wife learns that her husband who's in coma had an affair. She confronts the other woman but instead finds solace in her. She then realizes she's falling for her husband's mistress.
Silip Sa Apoy Silip Sa Apoy (2022) Character: Emma
Take a peek at the life of an unhappy housewife who finds passionate love from her neighbor and how their affair brings them closer to fire.
Bela Luna Bela Luna (2023) Character: Bela / Luna
When Luna, a battered wife, and Bela, an empowered artist, meet for the first time, their hearts will be freed by the people and society that chain them.
Sila Ay Akin Sila Ay Akin (2023) Character: Josie
Six people living under one roof face problems that could tear them apart. Amidst this turmoil, the women of the household remain steadfast to keep the family together.
Taya Taya (2021) Character: Nieves
Sixto explores the dangerous world of online ending for his thesis and gets involved with Winona, Nieves and Nanette.
Girl Friday Girl Friday (2022) Character: Amor
A wife resorts to sexual explorations in order to save their marriage but when her plan backfires she devises an evil scheme.
Ganti-Ganti Ganti-Ganti (2023) Character: Bella
Four lives become intertwined because of one goal - to exact revenge. Things turn bloodier and more chaotic when they all realize who the real mastermind is.
UHAW UHAW (2024) Character: Astrid
Details here
Tayuan Tayuan (2023) Character: Ella
Ella, an events project manager, usually takes a private transportation service. However, she is forced to take a bus, where bus conductor Rico becomes aroused when her body gets pressed into him due to the thick crowd. This encounter deeply affects Ella, and from that night on, she starts pursuing Rico. Even after discovering that Rico already has a live-in partner and a daughter, Ella doesn’t care at all and she’ll do anything to make him want her just as much.
Salawahan Salawahan (2024) Character: Melanie
All eyes are on Vivamax Queen Angeli Khang as she is being shared by not one, not two, but three hot leading men. Melaine can't get enough with the two men in her life. When a new man arrives, she gives in to temptation. Director: JEFFREY HIDALGO Cast: ANGELI KHANG, ALBIE CASINO, SHEILA SNOW, VAN ALLEN ONG, ITAN ROSALES
Pusoy Pusoy (2022) Character: Mika
Peping works as a bodyguard to gambling boss Rodolfo, but when he falls in love with Mika, Rodolfo's mistress, he is convinced to rob the business he has sworn to protect.
Virgin Forest Virgin Forest (2022) Character: Angela
A photographer is tasked to take a photo of a rare flower thriving in the mountain, but he discovers women trapped in a hidden brothel for illegal loggers.
Us X Her Us X Her (2022) Character: Lila
A young couple's shaky marriage becomes more chaotic when another woman comes into the picture. But what happens when the two women fall in love with each other?
Salakab Salakab (2023) Character: Lena
Lena returns to her hometown after finishing college. Her boyfriend Arthur is consumed with jealousy and fury upon learning that Lena has another boyfriend from the city.
Eva Eva (2021) Character: Eva
When Eva gets involved in a steamy threesome with a houseboy and her lady boss, she realizes she has to choose only one between them.
Balik Taya Balik Taya (2023) Character: Kate
Pip meets Jessy in Thailand. When she becomes missing, he looks for her. He then meets Kate, a woman from a gambling site owned by Nina. And he is one step closer to finding Jessy.
Selina's Gold Selina's Gold (2022) Character: Selina
Selina's father sells her to Tiago who makes her a sex slave. With the help of Domeng, Tiago's blind slave, she plans their way out of this living hell.
Mahjong Nights Mahjong Nights (2021) Character: Alexa
Alexa witnesses a simple mahjong night turned bloody when all the player's dark secrets are discovered - including Alexa's illicit affair with her stepfather.
Seksi: Pantasya at Pelikula Seksi: Pantasya at Pelikula (2024) Character: N/A
A documentary on the rise and fall and recent return of sexy movies in Philippine cinema. Featuring interviews from the sexy movie icons of the past and the rising sexy stars of the present.

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